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Why is a skin whitening cream a popular skin care product? The reason is because the skin can be subjected to discoloration away from its normal skin tone. This can be due to a genetic effect such as the presence of freckles. It can be caused by the aging of the skin such as the appearance of various types of age spots.

Skin discoloration can also be caused by the short term and long term effects of sun exposure. This can lead to patchy skin discoloration and an increase in the number of freckles and in the intensity of the freckle pigment.

The skin discoloration can be quite frustrating when it occurs in areas that are clearly visible such as the facial region. Often makeup alone cannot cover up the patchy pigmentation problem.

diagram of skin cells showing skin pigmentation problem

Treatments for fading dark skin discolorations include chemical peel treatments and laser treatments. Chemical peels can be harsh on the skin and both chemical peels and laser treatments can be quite expensive and require multiple treatments for skin discoloration fading to occur. An alternative to these two treatments is the use of a whitening cream for the skin. The use of a whitening cream can help reduce this skin discoloration without the expense and irriation that other treatments have.

Verseo skin care offers a skin care product that is not only safe to use on the skin but very effective as well. This product contains oils, natural sun filters and fruit extracts, and the all-important vitamin e. These are ingredients that protect the skin, nourish the skin, and produce effective skin lightening results.

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Porcelain Skin Whitening Cream

This skin whitening cream product from Verseo lightens age-spots, freckles and other discolorations of the skin. Leaves your skin balanced. Porcelain is a major advance in skin lightening treatments. If you have dark discolorations on your skin, then this inexpensive skin care product is worth a try. Free Shipping

Chemical Peels for Skin Lightening

An effective skin lightening treatment different from using a skin whitening cream is a procedure that many individuals search for. The skin of some individuals in some circumstances can become discolored with a darker pigment than the rest of the skin. This creates unsightly areas of skin that most people want removed rather than trying to cover up constantly with clothing if the problem is on the arms, legs, or torso, or with makeup if the pigmented skin patches are on the face. Some examples of discolored skin can include age spots, sun spots and other patches of discolored skin caused by the sun, freckles, tinea versicolor, and melasma.

Treatments such as chemical peels can be used in some cases to reduce the appearance of pigmented skin. However, for many, such treatments are too harsh for the skin and are costly because several chemical peel treatments are required for any noticeable results and these type of treatments are best applied by skin care professionals. The other problem with peels is that then can be less than effective if the skin pigmentation problem lies deep in the skin structure.

Laser Treatment for Skin Pigmentation Problems

Another alternative to a skin whitening cream for dealing with skin pigmentation problems can include the use of lasers in order to break down the dark pigment cells in the skin. This treatment allows for deeper penetration and in many cases can be very effective. Usually several laser treatments are required for successful fading of the dark skin patches. As for the chemical peel process, the use of lasers for lightening of the skin can be quite costly. Determining whether chemical peels or lasers are used for skin lightening depends on an assessment by a skin care professional and involves determining how much different the skin patches are from the rest of the skin and how deep into the skin matrix the pigment resides.

Skin Bleaching

An alternative to the above treatments is an inexpensive and low cost natural approach to skin bleaching or lightening. The lightening of skin report includes step-by-step instructions for battling melasma, freckles, hyperpigmentation, dark underarms, dark circles, lightening hard-to-lighten areas on your body and more.

Do not hesitate. If you desire even skin tone and removal of pigmented skin spots or patches in order to restore your skin to one tone, then this report that is loaded with skin pigmentation information and treatment options should be investigated. 

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