Stress Skin Hives and Dermographism

by M D

I was under so much stress at one point in my life with constant worry that my skin erupted in a red itch. At first I thought it was a rash from something and would pass but as the weeks rolled on I became concerned and that just added to the stress. I could lightly stroke my skin and voila - I had itchy red trails from the object. My skin would eventually be bothered by fabrics and even pressure against my skin. I was so worried that I went to the doctor and took blood tests and all. They were stumped. My dermatologist said he didn't think it was hives and it really wasn't, it was Dermographism, which included Hives symptoms.

I spent a year trying to figure out what the causes could be, trying to reassure myself that it may only be stress related. I tried to relax but it would still occur. I finally spoke to a doctor that realized that stress plays a major roll in skin conditions. Taking antihistamines and other ointments only mask the problem. Ultimately I would have to find a way to get rid of stress and there are many ways to do so, from Yoga to Meditation. They will all help.

Stress does not have to be apparent for you to be stressed and stress can take on many different symptoms. Some people get a racing heartbeat, others may display stomach problems, and some will have skin problems. For one person it may trigger Psoriasis and another will get hives. It just depends on the individual.

It took me a year to resolve my problem and to recognize the pattern of my affliction. I did use mangosteen juice to help buffer the symptoms a bit but its not a cure. You have to control your anxiety and stop the worrying. This has to be done over the course of a few weeks to actually make it work, otherwise you will find yourself back to where you started. It is like a domino effect. You stress, you itch with Hives/ Dermographism and your in the vicious cycle.

RELAX!!!! Get rid of the bad stress and slowly your symptoms will abate. This is not a one day fix all. Remember, your body took some time to develop the condition and it will take time to reverse it. I have spent two years of full hearted research on this condition because I want others to benefit from my experience with this skin problem and to better understand that this skin condition is cause and effect to the body from prolonged stress. Manage your health and your diet and get exercise and rest. All these elements will trigger a new direction for your body to rebalance. Follow recommendations to help reduce the symptoms but stay away from the medications that will only frustrate you in the long run.

I'm not a doctor but I have spoken with enough of them so that I am fully aware of this skin condition and its variances. Dermographism is still trying to be understood by the medical profession but the stress factor is definitely a true cause of this skin condition.

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Jun 10, 2010
No Doc
by: Robbie G

This is what I did finally. I tried eating the foods which I should not like wheat, bread, milk, one by one on a daily basis until I came to sugar and yes this was the culprit for me. On a sunny afternoon after traveling for about 1 1/2 hour ride to a remote place, I was offered coke and I could not resist and within minutes I got the disgusting itch back on my body and I concluded my study as sugar was found to be the main reason for the problem. Today I eat everything except my medicines and sugar. Yes, you need to give up all these at least for some time or else you will end up looking like a pink baboon after itching all over your body.

Take this advise as second had experience if you are also allergic to sugar then don?t consume any for a minimum 6 months and try again and the same for any other foods. Also try not to take any medicine prescribed for dermographism because by doing this you will be improving your natural immune system and getting it back to normal.

I know it is very easy to advise someone and difficult to follow but this procedure will not only help you to be independent away from allopathic medicine for which sometimes too much is too bad and can lead to unknown side effects which will cause another two or three side effects. It sounds like a chain reaction but this is the hard fact of today's modern world and there's much to be done to educate people. If you look back to history and see how our ancestors were able to cope up with all these kinds of diseases the answer is natural medicine which is 100% accurate and 100% no side effects but in fact they act as a good immune builder not as a destroyer which is what we have excepted in our modern day busy life. We end up paying our hard earned money into the doctors pocket.

So I wish you all the best.

Jun 10, 2010
No Doc
by: Robbie G

After struggling for a cure for this particular and very peculiar skin allergy I consulted the best of the doctors for a remedy but the only answer I would get is, we need to test your blood, urine, blah, blah, blah.
Then I consulted another skin specialist who said "Lab tests will cost you a lot of money let me prescribe you some medicine and let's see how good your situation will be, cause we cannot cure this allergy in a day or two but if these medicines work then you will need to continue taking these pills for more than a couple of years".

I did follow the advice for my benefit, but the pills were of heavy dose and I would get a massive head ache for at least 6 hours from morning to noon. This was a known side effect and forget about the unknown ones but I still continued with the pills. This was affecting my work also and then one fine day I started browsing the Internet for answers and I was shocked to see the fact especially in the help section on dermographism on this website that there are a lot of people suffering from this chronic itch for 20 long years. I don?t know when it will end for me. That's what I was thinking in the back of my mind until I saw a particular message that says "causes for dermographism". There was a list of food items and medicines that can cause this starting from antibiotic medicine for ear infections and pain killer like aspirin, etc., and foods like sugar, wheat, bread, alcohol, pickles, honey, fruits, etc. This shows that either your allergy is caused due to sugary food or sweets, sweet fruits, honey, and chocolate. Avoid them. Bread, alcohol, or anything that is fermented causes it because it has yeast which is a good bacteria for humans but the antibodies in your body are either not resistant to them or they are dead. All milk products also have a lot of good bacteria that is good if consumed but your body is rejecting them and thus all the itch and allergy occurs. So try to avoid all these foods for a couple of days and eat anything apart from them like cooked rice but not fermented ones and avoid eating sugar right from morning in your coffee, tea, milk ,etc. Your breakfast could ideally be corn flakes and lunch could contain barley, corn, leafy vegetables, etc. Cont....

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