Sun Exposure and Swimming Skin Rash

by Anonymous

I just returned from Las Vegas. I go every May. Almost every year I begin to notice a skin rash in my armpits. This year it spread down my arm and into the creases of my elbows and knees and on my shins. It is accompanied by red dots and is scaly and itchy. It usually would go away after some treatment with Hydrocortisone cream or an anti-itch cream.

This year has been the worst by far and it doesn't seem to be reacting as well to treatment.

My thoughts are that it is the result of swimming/sun and exposure to sun screens/lotions, etc., for the first time in the season as the Vegas trip is my first exposure to the sun since last summer - I live in the Midwest. I don't have this problem at any other time and once this reaction goes away I don't see it the rest of the summer?

I am wondering what it is and how I can stop it from occurring on this annual trip? Also, what is the best treatment once I have it?

The skin rash diagnosis page provides information on rashes related to swimming and sun exposure.

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Aug 05, 2010
sun allergy solution
by: Anonymous

I found out that I am mildly allergic to the sun even though I am quite tanned because from the Balkan region.

Whenever I am exposed to summer sun my elbows and lighter parts of my body come up with small bubble like dots and if I scratch them they turn into an itchy rash in that area. This occurs on the feet as well as the clavical area.

If you use a lot of sunscrean you should be fine but also taking day time non-drowsy antihistamines helps. I guess to make it heal faster cortisone is the cream for it.

I hope this helps assuming the sun is causing the problem.

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