Swollen Feet and Rash on Legs

by Harnoor
(Pune, Maharashtra, India)

I went camping in 2002 (when I was 18 years old) in Pune, Maharashtra, India after I had just moved to Pune. I developed some swollen bumps on my legs and feet after going into an old pool while wearing a scuba suit. The bumps were like huge mosquito bites almost six centimeters in diameter in size. I had experienced this kind of skin rash problem before but it usually went away. My dad gave me some Advil and the next day I had red swollen rashes all over my legs. This skin rash constantly goes away and then comes back and my legs are scarred with brown spots from having this type of skin rash for the past ten years.

More specifically, the symptoms of this skin rash are as follows. The spots that develop are red and small. They do not itch and sometimes they join together and form big blobs of red rash on my skin. Sometimes my feet are so swollen it is difficult for me to walk properly. Although the rash is painful, it is not itchy. The rash affected area becomes really hot and I can feel the heat emanating from the area. Sometimes the rash spreads to my buttocks and lower back. In addition, sometimes stomach upset is associated with the presence of the skin rash. One time, I had a severe fever and I though I had this rash develop on my cheeks as well.

Over the years I have noticed several triggers or causes for my skin rash. Both the lack of sleep and drinking alcohol aggravates it. Foods in restaurants also seem to be a problem for me. Kentucky Fried Chicken (monosodium glutamate), Chinese food (agino moto), and sometimes oregano and sometimes coffee are all problematic. I presently do not have pictures of my skin rash but intend to make them available soon in order to better describe my skin rash problem.

I have taken some homeopathic medicine to treat the rash on my legs and feet but it did not help. In fact, the medicine seems to have increased it and now I have the rash on my arms also but less severe than on the legs and feet. My mom is against steroids so I have not taken them in order to combat this skin rash problem.

One doctor that I saw when I was a child told me that my mom had asthma and my grandmother has asthma so in the next generation it becomes a skin rash.

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