UV Light and Tanning Beds Hives Treatment

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Tanning beds hives treatment can be used to reduce the symptoms of dermatographism. The UV or ultra violet light has proved to be beneficial for skin hives for some individuals as illustrated in the following reader submissions.

Tanning Beds or UV Light and Dermographism

By Vicki (Detroit, Mi)

I'm only 19 years old but have had dermographism for about 5 to 6 years now. As anyone with this lovley skin issue knows, it can get quite annoying. I do have a question about it. Earlier this year, I started to tan in the tanning beds. During those few months that I have tanned, my hives would never occur. Recently, after I have quit tanning, my symptoms have come back and the hives come out everyday. Does tanning/uv rays help heal dermographism? Or was it just a coincidence?

There are no scientific studies showing that uv light therapy or tanning whether outside or in a tanning bed helps dermatographism. However, that does not mean that it may not help. I have also noticed a similar effect with my dermatographism. In the summer, I tan quite a bit and do not experience the dermographism symptoms. There may be other factors at play such as higher humidity in the summer and therefore skin that is less dry, but I think there may be some real benefit. Of course with uv light exposure, skin cancer becomes a concern and so any tanning should be done in moderation.

Information on tanning bed safety can be found here. Other posts from previous readers have mentioned suntanning and dermographism as well. An example is on this page. Another post with relation to tanning beds hives treatment can be found at this page.

Tanning Beds Hives Treatment - Narrow Band Ultraviolet Light Therapy

By Donna (Norhteastern, PA)

After using antihistamines for five months my dermatologist has asked me to try Narrow Band Ultraviolet B Light Therapy to help stop the itching and picking which is not just in one area but on my back, buttocks, neck, behind my legs, and sometimes moves to my shoulder. I have not had hives just that itchy uncomfortable feeling. Has anyone tried this treatment and found it successful? And are there any drawbacks to this procedure which they say will be at least 20 treatments? I appreciate any replies.

Several contributors have noted that sunlight or tanning beds help their condition. This may be why many people experience less severe symptoms in the summer months than in the winter. The production of vitamin D in the body is also greater in the summer with UV exposure being greater. The vitamin D link with this condition is possible but not well documented or studied.

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Tanning Beds Hives Treatment

By Anonymous

I visited a tanning bed for the first time and have developed the same symptoms of dermagraphism as I had after the birth of one of my children. I was told at the time that it was a result of hormone levels after pregnancy. I am currently taking hormone replacement therapy.

I have bumps under my skin on my lower back that itch terribly. When I scratch other parts of my body, I have the same raised welts that are exhibited with dermatographism.

My question is - could the hormone replacement therapy have enhanced my sensitivity to the ultra violet rays of the tanning bed?

Is it difficult to say because the causes of dermographism are essentially unknown. Some people have reported benefits of tanning with their dermographism, but in your case it appears to have caused it to resurface. There are many possible side effects with hormone replacement therapy and usually increased sun sensitively is not one of them, but doing some quick research indicated that it appears it can be a side-effect depending on the hormones that you are taking.

If using a patch to deliver the hormones, tanning and heat can cause the release of more hormones than it should and this could cause a number of health issues. Check with the physician that has prescribed your medication to discuss this problem in more detail.

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