Target Pattern Skin Rash Problem

by Tori
(Western Oregon)

In the month of December of 2010, I developed an itchy target skin rash on the bicep portion of my arm. The circular target rash was approximately three inches or 7.5 centimetres in diameter. At the same time, I was using a drug called Cymbalta for the treatment of a genetic tissue disease that causes a lot of joint pain. When I visited my doctor about this target pattern skin rash, he said that he felt it was contact dermatitis and gave me a steroid cream to apply to the affected skin area. Unfortunately, the steroid cream did not work at all and therefore, it was not likely a contact dermatitis skin problem. Subsequently, the rash began to spread down my arm and eventually to the skin on other areas of my body such as my other arm, hips, upper thighs, and even my shins. The skin rash was actually a mirror image on both sides of my body. I then decided to stop taking the Cymbalta, thinking that the rash may be a type of allergic reaction to the drug but unfortunately once again nothing changed and there was no improvement in the skin rash condition.

Eventually, I consulted another doctor that referred me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist then suspected that it might be scabies and treated me for the scabies but as in previous attempts the skin rash did not improve at all. Next, I was put on an oral steroid and finally the skin rash cleared but as soon as I completed the oral steroid medication, the rash returned. It has now been seven months since the target pattern skin rash started on my bicep and still no answers as to what this could be and how to make this skin rash problem disappear for good.

In terms of describing the rash itself in more detail, it starts out looking like hives, and then breaks open to sores. It takes forever for a sore to heal even if I manage to not scratch itch.

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Feb 28, 2017
Mirrored Itchy Bumps on Hands
by: James C.

I began to notice itchy bumps on the top of each hand near my thumb about five years ago. They are single itchy red raised areas about the size of a bb, in exactly the same place on each hand. They seem to come and go but always reappear and itch like crazy. Purplish red itchy bumps and mirrored on both hands. Any advice out there? I have diabetes 2 also, with extensive neuropathy due to an untimely (late) diagnosis.

Feb 25, 2014
Target Rash
by: Anonymous

I have this problem as well. What did they decide and how did that work? Last time, my allergist put me on both Zyrtec and Claritin, both 24 hour dosages. The medication slows the rash down, but it is still spreading. It is really irritating and worries me a bit.

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