Tattoo and Skin Hives

by Tracey

I just had my second child in July of 2011 and since he has been born we have both experienced various types of skin issues. He has had a yeast infection on his groin area and under his neck and possibly an eczema skin problem behind his ears. After my son was born, I breastfed him excessively and I am thinking that breastfeeding has a lot to do with his skin problems because of the skin issues that I suffer from as well. I have various undiagnosed skin problems but I hate going to the doctor to get a proper skin rash diagnosis.

With respect to my own skin problems, I first started breaking out in what I call skin type hives on my elbows and then my knees and now it seems like they are everywhere on my body including the skin on my breasts, on my legs, my butt, on my arms, and quite simply everywhere else. In addition to the hives, I just recently noticed that my back was itching really badly in fact and I realized the tattoo that I have on my back was raised and extremely itchy. The skin reaction is like I am allergic to the tattoo ink or something else related to the tattoo. I wish I could just have an idea of what it might be or some kind of skin rash diagnosis, before I go crying to the doctor.

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