Tattoos and Dermographic Urticaria

by Andrews

I diagnosed myself with the Dermographism skin problem a couple of years ago and lately I have been seriously thinking of getting my first tattoo. I have researched quite a bit to see if anyone else with Dermographism had got one before, but I haven't had that much luck finding any useful information on this topic. So, I was hoping that if I wrote a post/question on this website someone might be able to help me out. I am just nervous that the tattoo will get messed up when my skin decides to welt up and then be stuck with a poor quality tattoo. I have about a week to decide if I want to cancel my tattoo appointment or not.

There have been a few posts about this exact same concern before. The following pages shold provide more information for you:

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Basically, there is a risk of the tattoo not turning out right because of the skin swelling and it may likely swell during the tattoo process. You can use antihistamines before going in to get the tattoo which should limit the swelling. However, I would discuss this with a doctor first. It would also be a good idea to discuss this with the tattoo artist. He/she may have dealt with this problem before. A lot more people nowadays have this skin condition and if you are lucky your tattoo artist will have encountered this before or at least know of other artists that have dealt with dermatographism affected clients. If not you can show the artist what happens to your skin with applied pressure and then the artist can decide how to deal with it and whether the tattoo design will be affected or not.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information on tattoos and people with dermatographism. Hopefully, as this skin conditions becomes better known answers to your and other questions with respect to dermatographism can be readily answered.

Bottom line, I would cancel the appointment for now if you are unsure or not confident that the tattoo will turn out well.

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Apr 23, 2016
No Problem with Tattoos
by: Anonymous

I also have this condition and I've had it for two to three years now. I have two tattoos, both turned out fine.

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