Toddler Scarletina Strep Rash with No Fever

by Robyn
(Kingwood, TX. USA)

Back after 2 applications of calamine lotion

Back after 2 applications of calamine lotion

I have a 2 year old daughter who seemingly always gets the "rare" diseases. She has been this way since birth. After the holiday season I noticed a red bumpy type of skin irritation on her feet. Upon discovery of the red bumps I unclothed her to reveal what I describe as red baby acne like bumps from head to toe. She has ezcema patches on her insteps so I assumed maybe she was having an allergic reaction to laundry soap or fabric softener, so naturally I applied calamine lotion to her body and stripped her bedding and rewashed everything in her closet. Practically anything that came in contact with her was rewashed.

Now mind you she had been teething for her second molars, had a 99.3 low grade temperature for 4 hours that day, and her appetite had decreased suddenly. I had no idea these were all connected until the doctor visit. So I discovered the rash on Monday night, the Calamine and Benadryl I thought helped a little, and after calling the nurses at my pediatrician's office they said she did not present with fever and the rash was not pussy or blistering and to wash with Aveeno and not to use any type of scented products but if it got worse to come in. I did notice it was on her diaper area which caused me to question whether it was the fabrics because she is still in diapers.

Monday and Tuesday during the day the rash didn't seem to itch or bother her, but Tuesday night was awful! She did not go to sleep until midnight and even then she looked lethargic and glazed. So as a first time mother I instinctively called the doctor Wednesday morning when she awoke and the rash was worse and now on her scalp and I said this is not an allergic reaction something is wrong. Upon walking in the room the doctor checked her out, instructed me to take off her diaper and then said okay mom get her dressed. I was quite confused and said "okay so what is wrong with her?" I was surprised at her answer.

Scarletina Strep Rash Without fever and white bumps on the throat. Actually she said she has strep everything because it is even in her diaper area. I had heard of scarlet fever and wanted to freak out until the doctor explained what it was, why it was presenting this way and what we were going to do. She told me it was transmitted by either someone with strep who did not know they had it or from someone who had it that came into contact with her. Strep is higly contagious so naturally I can't track it down to the very person but I truly felt like wrapping her in a bubble! The interesting thing was my daughter did not have a high fever that typically goes along with the rash which is why it was dismissed by the nurse when I called the first time. We are now on antibiotics and quarantined for about 2 days.

If you notice a red goosebumpy rash anywhere on your child please call the doctor and follow your instincts. I am glad I did because they told me it could go into rheumatic fever if not treated early. I have attached pictures of the rash on her tummy and back.

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May 05, 2017
Little Red Goosebumps on Body
by: Anonymous

It looked like my daughter had a sunburn on her shoulders and neck with little red goosebumps all over the red area. I gave her a bath and it only got worse, so I took her to her pediatrician today. He did not do a throat culture because she only had a 99.0F low grade fever. Should I have insisted on one? He's not really sure if she has strep or if it is contact dermatitis but she is on antibiotics just in case. Her bumps have spread down her back and to her chest. First time mom here and so should I ask for a culture or am I just being a worry wart?

Apr 23, 2017
Rash after Ten Days Antibiotics
by: Anonymous

My five year old had a rash on his face, no fever, loss of appetite or any bad symptoms. I took him to the doctor on the second day of the rash, and he was positive for strep and was put on antibiotics for ten days! After the ten days of antibiotics he developed the rash all over his body with no fever and just a little itch. Is this normal for strep virus? It is Sunday and I plan on taking him to the doctor again tomorrow!

Nov 28, 2016
Two-year-old with the same thing.
by: Anonymous

I read this and yes, my two-year-old had the exact same symptoms, also with no fever or at 99 F. I just got back from the doctor and my son has strep. Thanks for posting!

Jul 10, 2016
Forearms and Lower Legs Rash
by: Anonymous

My 10 month old son has had a pimply rash on his forearms and legs for five days. He's had no fever and has been his normal happy self. The rash doesn't appear to bother him either. Today I really started to wonder because it just would not go away. I've been researching on the Internet and nothing seemed to match up. Then, in the late afternoon, my four-year-old daughter came to me complaining of a sore throat. I took a look and she had white patches at the back of her throat. I headed for urgent care with both because I had heard that strep can present itself as a rash. The PA that saw us thought I was foolish to insist on a culture on my son but I wouldn't give in. I believe the PA was a bit shocked when he saw the results. With the rapid strep test, my son tested positive for strep! My daughter didn't but likely when the slower culture is read tomorrow that will show positive as well.

Jun 30, 2016
Strep Carrier
by: Anonymous

Karin, there is a possibility your son is a carrier. My daughter had strep 3 months in a row, then skipped a month and got it again and the doctor finally came out and said there is a possibility that she is a carrier and that is why she keeps getting it.

May 30, 2016
by: Mary

Thanks for this post. My 4 year old has exact same rash on back, stomach, chest and arm along with 99.1 F temperature and I took him in to the doctor day 1 and started antibiotics. Same thing your daughter had.

Dec 19, 2014
Strep Rash
by: T. Humphrey

My son had no signs or symptoms of strep throat at all. I had gone through enough times of strep with my daughter that I knew what to look for. I was giving him a bath and noticed that he was covered from head to toe in little red bumps. I asked him if they itched and he said no. I took him to the doctor the next day and he asked if I had changed any soap or detergents and I said no and he didn't have any allergies. The doctor did a strep test and it came back positive for strep. The only fever he had was at the doctor's office and it was only 99.2 F. Other than that he did say it was a little sore. He's been on antibiotics for five days now and the rash is still there.

Jun 30, 2014
Strep and Rash
by: Anonymous

I am having the same problem with my daughter, but her doctor blamed it on her diet. He says sugar lowers the immune system. He also said she needs a probiotic. She had strep twice and then scarlet fever. Now she has five strep bumps and they are not going away so I am taking her back to the doctor tomorrow.

Jul 28, 2012
Strep Rash
by: Another concerned mom

My almost three year old came home from preschool with the fine bumps on her face on a Friday. She was not itching or bothered at all and acted completely normal. I called her doctor to find out if I should bring her in but since she was not bothered at all, I was told to just watch her and it should not warrant an emergency situation since she seemed fine. By Saturday morning, it covered her upper chest and abdomen. I went through all the things that she may be allergic to but that was too much.

By Sunday, the bumps rash covered her entire body. She still didn't itch, had no fever, no sore throat, no loss of appetite, etc. I finally made an appointment because the rash showed no signs of fading.

Imagine my shock to discover it was strep - unheard of - at least to me. So I agree when something does not feel right, take your kid to the doctor.

May 18, 2012
Same Strep Rash on Back
by: Anonymous

My three year old daughter has no symptoms other than a rash that has been coming and going for two days. The rapid stress test came back negative. The overnight test came back positive. I am shocked because she literally has no fever, no lack of appetite, no lack of energy, etc. I'm glad the doctor did the culture but now I'm wondering if she is a carrier. How could someone have strep with no sore throat, no red throat, no fever, and the person acting normal? The rash on her back did cover her entire back and the buttocks area. She is going to take the antibiotics because I'm not going to let it turn into something else!

Sep 07, 2011
USE FREE & CLEAR detergents only, Try Natural!
by: Anonymous

YOU NEED TO USE FREE AND CLEAR DETERGENTS. Try a natural brand from a local store. I had the same issue with our daughter.

Jun 13, 2011
Strep Rash and Scarlet Fever Keeps Returning
by: karin massey

My son was diagnosed with scarlet fever six months ago. He did the antibiotics treatment and the condition fully cleared up in about three to four weeks. Then, a month after it cleared, he got it again. The rash covered his body, starting on the chest. The rash was also not itchy and he had no fever. It did not bother him, except he was complaining that his groin was hurting. Again he was prescribed another three to four weeks with medication in order for the condition to clear.

Four months later he has it again. If this scarletina strep rash is so rare how can he have it three times in eight months? Nevertheless, we are treating it again and it has been two weeks. The skin is starting to clear from the rash and his throat is getting better as well. However, last night a rash appeared on his groin and the tops of legs. I took him back to doctor and she said that he now has Eczema caused by the scarlet fever.

At this point I am unsure about what to do, and who to trust. I know that scarlet fever is treatable but it can also damage the kidneys, liver, heart, and other organs. It worries me that he has had it three times in eight months. The funny thing is, he has an older brother who has never had it, and has not even had a strep throat. I asked the doctor about why his older brother never got it and she said he built an immunity to it. Therefore, I asked the doctor why my younger son has not built an immunity to it, after having it three times in eight months. By this time, his body surely would have built some sort of immunity to the scarlatina strep rash and scarlet fever. The doctor wasn't sure why the problem kept coming back. I am fairly certain that my son is not being misdiagnosed because each time he gets the strep rash the skin on his fingers, toes, and groin peel, unless there is something out there that shows the same symptoms as scarlet fever. Does anyone know?

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