Unexplained Child Face Rash

by Anonymous

This skin rash started last year when my son was in his kindergarten year. My son randomly started coming home on a daily basis with a red skin rash around his eye. The rash was not painful and did not itch at all. This rash eventually would then turn dark in color, almost looking black and blue like a bruise on the skin. It would then start to get crusty and eventually fade away. Now, every time my child went to school, he came home with this rash on his face. In fact, it started to get worse and began to also appear on his cheeks and by his mouth. This skin condition was not found anywhere else on his body, it was just present in the facial area.

After this kept happening, I finally decided it was best to withdraw him from his school for the last six weeks of the school year. I enrolled him in another school district. Fortunately, this helped because he did not have one more reaction/rash like he did in the other school that he attended. In addition, during his summer vacation, no more rash was present. Now that he is in first grade, we decided to enroll him again in our city school since he will be attending a different school building than when he attended kindergarten and where he was getting the face rash. Three weeks into the school year, he again started coming home daily with this rash on his face. So, I have concluded that it has to be something that the school district uses in all of their buildings.

The doctors and specialists tests are unable to determine the exact cause for this skin problem. The tests did show a mild allergy to a few things (such as dust mites, formaldehyde, and fragrance) but nothing that the doctors felt would contribute to the rash on his face.

Does anyone else have a similar experience with this type of facial rash?

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Nov 25, 2017
Face Rash
by: Anonymous

Did you ever figure out what your child’s rash was?

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