Unknown Skin Disorder Looks Like Acne

by Lil Red

Acne looking skin disorder on the side of face and jaw.

Acne looking skin disorder on the side of face and jaw.

I want to call it a skin disorder rather than an acne problem. I have tried many of the standard creams, medications and anything to help fix the pimples, the scars, and even the rashes, but nothing seems to help.

I am 32 years old and will be 33 in a month. I have grown up with many acne skin problems. Well that is what the doctors have been calling it but as I mentioned previously, I think it is more likely some other kind of skin problem that is similar to acne but not acne. I understand in high school its acne and caused not from foods you eat but how much oil you produce or hormones. Okay, sure, this is common at age 12 to 18. I never had chicken pox so I cannot blame that for the scars.

I have tried creams, body and face wash and even antibiotics, but nothing seems to work. I have been dealing with a dermatologist for two months now. My arms have shown many marks that the doctor took some samples of to send out to see if a viral condition was the cause but the results of the biopsies came back negative. While waiting two weeks to find out the results of the tests, the markings have spread from my arms to my wrist, shoulders, then to the chest, and to my jaw and cheeks. And now, these welts turn up under my hair line. They are painful. I feel like I have to use foundation to cover them up but nothing works because you can still see it under my skin because it is fair but it has dark scars and the red bumps. Popping the welts or pimples does not produce the puss commonly seem with black or white heads. I am a mom of two and yes it could be stress but I do not have a lot of it in my life right now and so that narrows it down. Foods have not changed and neither have medications. Really, nothing has changed in years. So, what is going on? Am I allergic to myself?

I see the dermatologist today in hopes of finding an answer or solution to my frustrating skin problem. Creams do not work at all, they just suck into my skin and look like I never applied them at all. Medications that I have been using seem to just make me drained and thirsty. I do not know if anyone else has a similar skin care problem but the dermatologist is confused as to what is going on.

I have included a couple of pictures to support my story. One is of the welts and pimples on my arm and the other of the side of my face and neck area. Hopefully, these pictures will look familiar to someone that has a similar problem and I can be helped to diagnose my skin rash problem.

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