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Warts May Disappear On Their Own

Wart removal remedies are required for a number of reasons, even though in several cases warts will disappear on their own. Some statistics indicate that in children, warts will disappear on their own in six months for 50 per cent of children affected by warts. After two years, 90 per cent of skin warts in children will have disappeared on their own, without any wart treatment.

For adults, the skin warts are generally more resilient and the numbers for wart removal without treatment are not as positive. Nevertheless, doing nothing and being patient can be a wart remedy in some circumstances.

Why are Wart Removal Remedies Pursued?

However, some warts cause pain and discomfort. Warts can spread and make this skin problem worse. Warts can also be disfiguring and cause stress in the individual that has them. For these reasons, many people are not willing to wait for up to two years for the warts to disappear on their own without at least attempting to remove the wart with one or more wart removal remedies.

Self-Treatment of Warts Sometimes Discouraged

General recommendations for wart removal are to avoid the self-treatment of warts. In particular, this refers to using wart removal methods such as picking, cutting, burning, or tearing. Use of these methods can lead to skin infections, scarring, the spreading of the warts, and return of the warts.

Self treatment can also be performed with over-the-counter type products. In simple wart situations, for example, one common wart on the back of the hand, these wart removal products can be effective. However, for some wart types, these wart treatment products will not be as useful and are a waste of money, time, and repeated use can lead to complications. One complication is damage to good skin cells.

Self-treatment is also problematic if wart removal products are used when there is an existing skin infection or if the wart sufferer is diabetic, has circulatory or cardiovascular problems, or is very young. If the wart is in a sensitive skin area such as the genitals, near the eyes, or anywhere on the face, then self-treatment is discouraged. Over the counter wart removal products may cause the wart to disappear, but they do not kill the wart virus and thus, reappearance of the wart is possible.

When To Consult A Doctor About Your Wart Problem

Finally, although many warts are harmless, sometimes a call to a skin doctor or dermatologist is required. For example, if the skin around the wart is red, swollen, oozing puss, or painful then a skin infection might be present. If the wart bleeds repeatedly or has changed in color or appearance significantly, then it is a good idea to get a professional medical opinion to ensure nothing serious is occurring with the skin. Anal and genital warts will require wart removal remedies prescribed by a physician. A doctor should examine warts that are painful or will not go away. Individuals with weakened immune systems need to see a doctor when dealing with their skin wart problem.

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