Xyzal for Dermatographism Skin Itch

by Michelle
(Athens, AL)

I have been living with dermatographism for about three years. In January of 2008 (I was 37), I started having mild itching, mostly on the backs of my thighs. I had recently moved and thought I was allergic to something in the new place. The itching continued everyday and about a month later, I was carrying a purse on my arm (at the elbow) and when I sat down, I noticed a very strange rash that was the exact pattern of the purse strap. I assumed I was allergic to that material but then I started noticing that anything that put pressure on me was breaking me out, especially car seat belts (at the neck), etc.

I went to see a dermatologist and the first thing she did after hearing my symptoms was to take a pointed object (with a blunt end) and draw it down my forearm. Within minutes I had a rash where she drew that blunt object down my forearm. I was diagnosed with dermatographism and was prescribed XYZAL and a steroid type spray. I rarely have used the steroid spray.

I got pregnant in May of 2008 and my OB had never heard of XYZAL and was not sure if it was safe for the baby. He took me off the medicine and I went through hell for a month. I didn't realize how intense the itching had become because the XYZAL was working so well. I was scratching sores all over my body. My husband, realizing I couldn't continue to do this for another seven months, called the OB and told him he was going to have to put me back on XYZAL or put me on something that was safe for the baby. He sent me to a maternal fetal clinic due to my age and to have them determine if XYZAL was safe for the pregnancy. Thank God it was safe, and they were unsure why he ever took me off that drug. That was a relief like I cannot even explain.

I continue to be able to write on my skin even though I take XYZAL daily but it doesn't itch or bother me. The XYZAL is my miracle drug and I came here to find out what others are taking for this irritating disease.

Just as a side note, when I first got diagnosed, my dermatologist wanted me to keep a diary of every single thing that was put in my mouth (food, beverage, toothpaste, etc.) and journal my itching. I did for a while but it got very tedious. I moved again and my new dermatologist said that finding the cause would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

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