Zantac and Allegra for Welps from Scratching

by Stephanie B
(New Albany, Indiana)

Hello, I am 32 years old and in 2007, my husband and I bought our first home that was located on a street directly behind our apartment complex. We did not move to another city or out into the woods but within days of moving in, the itching began.

I assumed it was dry skin as Fall was on the horizon but when my lips starting itching and swelling I became concerned. The week we put the offer on the house, I also started a new job at a new hospital. One day, I was sitting in a meeting and my lower back began to itch. As I scratched, I felt massive, "cat scratch like" welps form. I showed them to my Employee Health nurse and she did not know what they were. As the welps continued all over my body, I sought out an allergist, underwent testing, and was diagnosed with dermatographia. I was placed on 2 medications. First, Allegra for the itching and I can honestly say within one hour of my first dose, the itching stopped. However, one pill a day does not keep me itch free for 24 hours, so I am allowed to take it twice a day. Secondly, I take Zantac. Yes, Zantac, not Zyrtec. It always throws people off. This is a commonly used medication to treat the hives and welps and it works wonders. Missing a dose of either medication causes constant itching and welps that look like I was attacked by a cat.

It blows my mind how this came on so suddenly and I still can't help but wonder if it is related to something in our new house. Our house is 60 years old and has a lot of old, mature trees around it.

While it is bothersome and embarrassing at times as people always say, "oh, what did you do to your neck!", at least it can be treated and my case is manageable.

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