Allergic Reaction Rashes

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Allergic reaction rashes on the skin are some of the most difficult skin rashes to diagnose because the allergens responsible for the rash may be difficult to isolate or identify.

The first step in determining whether an individual is experiencing an allergic rash is to determine whether the individual is healthy. An existing viral or bacterial health condition can cause a skin rash and therefore, may be the sole reason why the skin rash exists. If the rash is not associated with any particular health condition then an allergen might be the source of the problem. This is where the difficulty begins because there are many categories of allergens.

A skin rash may be caused by food allergies. Nuts, eggs, and sesame seeds are some of the more common foods that may trigger allergic rashes, but depending on the individual, any food can cause a rash if the individual is sensitive to it. Individuals may react to medications. A common symptom of sensitivity to drugs is a skin rash of some form. Skin rashes may also develop due to the sensitively to insect bites, various chemicals that are airborne or come directly in contact with the skin, and a host of other sources.

Careful monitoring of what may have triggered the skin rash can help a physician immensely in making a diagnosis. Any type of allergic rash should be carefully monitored and any sign of breathing difficulties require an immediate visit to the hospital emergency room because some allergic reactions can be fatal if not addressed quickly.

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