Skin Rash Caused Unusual Allergy

by Luuk

Hi my name is Luuk and I am from Holland. Ten months ago I met my Swedish girlfriend and we've always been very happy with each other. There is only one major problem. Ever since the day we met, she gets a rash on her face, arms, hands, back, and stomach. We've come to the conclusion that the rash only appears when we're together. When I leave the rash dissappears within a few hours. We've tried so many things to reduce the rash, things like eliminating perfume, shaving my beard off, using the same shampoo, not having sex, etc. Nothing really has worked so far. She even went to an acupuncture doctor, 3 different skin doctors, and to a GP. They tried some regular things like allergy tests. They didn't come to a good conclusion, all they said was: 'it's impossible to be allergic to another person, it might be a kind of stress.'

My girlfriend and I talked about the stress option. She tells me she isn't aware of anything like that, but she is going through a hard time and we keep that option as a big factor in this skin problem. Furthermore, we've seen that taking a bath is making it worse, much worse. You have to understand that we're very relaxed with our bodies so no stress in the bathroom! I think it is a big possibility that it has something to do with my hairwax, or just my hair.

I hope someone can help me, at this point we can't be together and it's heartbreaking!!

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Sep 13, 2013
Some Factors to Consider
by: Anonymous

Yes, someone can be allergic "to a person". Your girlfriend may be allergic to your semen, hair products, etc. Do you own a cat or a dog? Animal dander on your clothes could also trigger an allergic reaction in your girlfriend. Also, what do the rashes look like? That might shed some clue on the causes. Good luck!

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