Antihistamines Treat Itch of Dermatographism but not Hives

by Anonymous

My story is, at first I noticed I started itching all the time a little while after I turned 22, but my skin would not swell up when I scratched it. As time went on I began itching insanely all over and still no swelling. I tried everything to ease the itching, Lubriderm anti itch cream and any other lotions that claimed to offer relief. None of this worked. I did find that taking a mild antihistamine completely removed the itching and I was normal again, finally! This went on for about three months and then it was like I became immune to the medication and the itching came back with a vengence.

Now when I itched, I would have horrible welps wherever my fingernails scraped across. I tried to hide it and not scratch hoping it would go away. I tried changing soaps, laundry detergents, diets, mattresses, types of materials my clothes were made with, and even anti allergic covers for my bed and furniture. Needless to say I finally gave up and went to the doctor. After some blood tests he referred me to an allergy specialist because he didn't find anything alarming. The allergist claimed I had bad allergies and prescribed Hydroxyzine HCL 50 -100mg a day (he said this was equal to taking two Zyrtec for 1 50mg pill). Again, I was normal. This only lasted for two weeks and the swelling came back. I now currently still take 100mg of this medicine a day and can't go without it. I do not experience trouble breathing or any other symptoms of a severe allergic reation just really bad hives. The medicine keeps me from scratching and that is about all. If I rub my skin or brush up against something, I still have swelling wherever it made contact. I can write my name on my skin or make any design I wish to.

I just want some answers or some kind of relief. It is really embarrasing having to make excuses of why I break out the way I do when I accidentally scratch or pick something up and it touches a body part. I want to join the military, but after reading blogs, I don't think they would accept me when I am so dependent on this medicine and break out from touching anything. I guess I really want to know if this sounds familiar to anyone? Is this what I have? Is there anything that will cure it? How long does it take to go away, if ever? I am going on my third year with this. Any answers are appreciated.

This sounds like a classic case of dermatographism. Additional information on dermographism can be found at this page.

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