Blistering Rash on Ankles

by Anonymous

Red skin rash on both ankles

Red skin rash on both ankles

Red skin rash on both ankles
Blistering red skin rash on right ankle
Blistering red skin rash on left ankle

I have this terrible red skin rash on both ankles. In September I thought that it might the rash might be something like nat bites. However, the rash keeps growing or spreading. Last week the rash was purple in color and blisters were present on the skin. Presently, the skin rash is as shown in the three pictures I have included with this post. This rash is not going away. Any suggestions about what this rash could be and how to treat it would be appreciated.

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Apr 05, 2015
Retired Nurse
by: Anonymous

I developed a red rash on both sides of my ankle about three weeks ago with itching. I spoke with the pharmacist who told me to wash it with Aveeno body wash for itchy, dry skin (fragrance free) and then apply Calamine lotion. But the Calamine lotion only helped temporarily. So I spoke with the Podiatrist who said that after the Aveeno wash to use the Aveeno 1% Hydrocortisone anti-itch cream. Use clean white socks or white stockings if you have to every day. It will heal but you must be patient. I am in my fourth week and feel better because it is healing. I hope that this can help someone.

Jan 15, 2014
Ankle Rash
by: Anonymous

I get this same rash every time I wear ankle length socks. I think it was a allergic reaction to the socks and or laundry detergent. I got shorter socks and changed laundry detergents a few times. I have been rash free for a few months. I used ice packs on the rash because it burned and Benadryl cream helped as well.

May 20, 2013
Allergic Reaction
by: Anonymous

The rash on your ankles looks fairly well defined in terms of boundaries. Because of this I am thinking that it could be some sort of allergic reaction to socks or what the socks were washed in.

Alternatively, maybe it is some sort of allergic reaction with a plant that you came in contact with.

Whatever the reason, I think your biggest clue to diagnosis is that the rash is localized and does not really appear on your feet or shins.

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