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The pictures of rashes page provides a number of skin rash pictures that have been submitted by visitors to the Healthy Skin Care website. These rash photos are accompanied by a brief written description of the skin problem. These pictures of skin rashes can be used to help with rash identification. Many people get a skin rash and do not know what caused it and do not know what type of skin rash they have. As a first step in diagnosing the skin rash, looking at rash photos and their descriptions can give the individual some assistance in identifying the skin rash.

In some cases the person can find their exact skin rash on this pictures of rashes page and actually properly diagnose their skin rash. In many other cases, only some general indications of what the rash is can be found. In either situation, a follow-up with a physician should take place when the rash is persistent or if the individual is showing any other signs of ill health or if the individual with the rash is concerned in any way. Once again, always use skin rash pictures as the first step and not the only step in a proper skin rash diagnosis.

Please find below pictures of skin rashes. If you have any comments on the pictures, please submit them by email to: and please indicate which skin rash photo you are referring to.

Pictures of Rashes

Marquis, Las Vegas

The rash is on diffrent parts of my body. It appears on scars and new cuts and also just in random places on my skin. It is brown like my skin and sometimes it does not come in a rash but in the form of a line like a scratch on the skin. I have had it for about two months.

skin rash like a scratch on the skin

Kelly, England

It started as itchy blisters on my foot and they were too small to take a picture of. I have had these skin blisters previously on my hands covering every inch of them. I decided to use a pumice stone to scratch the flat blisters away and this left visible pot holes so hopefully now someone can tell me what they think this is as I am baffled!

small itchy blisters rash on foot and hands

Anonymous Pictures of Rashes

The rash does not bother me with itching or bumbs, it is just there on my skin. The skin rash is red and blotchy and never goes away! Pictures of rashes are provided below.

red and blotchy non itching skin rash
red and blotchy non itchy rash

Jake, United States

I know this is psoriasis. I have had it for many years. It is worse on my arms as shown in the picture below.

psoriasis skin care problem on arm


This skin rash problem does not itch or burn. It is just there on my skin. I have the rash problem all over my body. It does not appear to be anything fungal. After I take a shower it seems as though my skin peels off, but only on the red rash part of my skin. The rash never bleeds or oozes anything. I would like some help diagnosing my skin rash problem.

unknown skin rash on upper back


I noticed about a week ago my 19 month old son has a quarter sized rash on his leg. I unfortunately cannot afford health insurance right now and I would like to see if I can diagnose this before I have to go to the emergency room with him. The rash does not itch it but it seems to have gotten a little bigger. It is starting to get flaky in the center of the circle. The outer part of the circle rash has small bumps and there is no oozing of any kind. Does anyone have any home remedies?

raised circular skin rash on leg


Ever since I was young, I have had a rash on the backs of my upper arms and legs (particularly the front of the thighs but occasionally the shins too). It consists of very small red lumps, does not itch or hurt, and generally does not seem to do anything more than be unsightly. Nothing seems to cause it to flare up but it has never gone away either. I am now 22 years old and have had this for at least 15 years.

I used to think it was acne but the rash is rather distinct - the spots do not resemble black/whiteheads, are not always on oily or unwashed areas of skin and, of course, are far more stubborn.

My skin is not dry and only oily around my shoulders, neck and face.

skin rash on leg

Dee, United States

I often get this sudden hot lacy rash and then it is gone within an hour. It covers my neck, chest and both arms. A picture of the skin rash is provided below.

hot red skin rash on neck

Eileen, New York

I have a skin problem exactly like Dee, above. I get the exact same rash on my neck and on my face.  I have had my skin tested, I have eliminated all fragrances and all cosmetic offenders, but I still get this occasionally. The pictures are of my rash today, and I have no idea what could have caused it. It doesn't burn or itch, but it is quite a contrast against my Irish skin and since I'm tall, it's very easy to spot!

Neck and face red rash that does not itch.
Red non-itchy rash on neck.

Christina, United States

This rash started on my ankles and now is slowly moving up the rest of my legs. Itching began before the rash appeared and now this skin rash on my leg burns really bad!

burning red skin rash on leg

Mary, South Africa

I get this black sore rash on my body and it is itchy as well as painful.

black sore body rash


I have a red lifted blotch on the inside of my thigh. It doesn't itch or hurt, but I want to know what it is.

Red skin blotch on inside of thigh

Kara, Bellflower

I noticed it two days ago. It does not itch but feels warm to the touch and it is uncomfortable to sit.

Raised Welt on Skin with Bumps

Anna, United States

I have had this two inch rash on my chest for about three months. I cannot figure out what it is and I am medically uninsured for the next two months. I thought it might be ringworm because of the shape, but I have been using antifungal cream for a couple of weeks and nothing is changing. I have also tried just generic anti-itch creams and calendula cream. Nothing seems to help.

skin rash on chest

Jessica 's Pictures of Rashes, United States

My daughter has this rash, in spots on both legs and now on her cheeks. I was wondering what kind of rash this is and if I can use this triamcinolone acetonide. Pictures of rashes are shown below.

skin rash on thigh of baby
skin rash on cheek of baby

Kay, United States

I've had this a while now. It seems to be growing. It's never dry and has been itchy.

Raised Edge Skin Rash

Vanessa, United States

I have a purplish spot under my armpit. It only itches if I scratch it. It doesn't hurt and I've had it for maybe almost two weeks. Sometimes it has dry skin over it.

Purple itchy rash in armpit.


About two weeks ago my arm was itching and I figured it was a mosquito bite because of the way it itched and the size of it. I continued to scratch it, and it became larger. A couple of weeks later it is still on my arm and continues to itch.

Itchy round red raised rash on the back of arm close to armpit.

Jenna, United States

I thought I was bitten by a spider a couple of weeks ago, but now the "bite" is scaly and itchy with small bumps in almost a ring pattern.

Small raised itchy bumps in a ring shape on back of upper arm.

Laurie, United States

My rash started as a couple of circular red spots on my shoulder near the chest. The dermatologist said it was yeast and gave me a cream. The first couple of times I used the cream it went away, but always came back worse. It's a year later and it's all over my neck and moving to my jawline. It does not burn or itch. The spots get flaky around the edges and turn brownish in color after a while.

A neck rash that is spreading to the chin.

Thomas, United States

This the type of blister rash I have on different parts of my body. I have provided a close up picture.

rash on buttocks area

Mary, United States

My boyfriend got a weird rash that appeard all over his body overnight and I'm concerned. His mom won't take him to the doctor. Is this something serious or can I stop worrying?

rash on back of thigh

Peter's Pictures of Rashes, Czech Republic

This rash on my arm is a little bit itchy. Does anyone know what it could be?

skin rash on arm that is not too itchy
red rash on back of arm

Dakota, United States

I have been getting welts and hives that come and go on my body. The hives itch and don't stay long. I also have a headache, diarrhea, cough, and congestion. It's been going on for the past three days. I have been taking Benadryl every six hours since it started.

welts and hives on back


I noticed this about three days ago. It is a small rash that itches a bit but doesn't hurt. It's located in the upper middle left side of back.

small itchy rash on back


I have reddish and some purplish bumps on my chest and back that look similar to acne. Usually my face gets the same amount as my chest and back. This time my chest has it the most severe with my back close behind (no pun intended). The bumps are itchy at times and starting to worry me a bit.

red bumps on chest and back


I was recently sick about a week ago. I now have some bright red rash spreading all over my body. It's at about my middle stomach and up. My neck, shoulders, back, ears, and chin are all affected. It does not itch and it hurts to touch some parts. I have no idea what to do. This has been going on for about 3-4 days. I have posted a picture of the problem on this pictures of rashes page.

rash on chest that spreads and does not itch but hurts to touch

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