Burning Skin and Skin Sensitive to Cold

by Lynda
(Montreal, Qc, Canada)

Hi! I've had dermographism for a few years but since January 2010, my skin burns, especially under the feet and the insides of the hands. Also, I'm VERY sensitive to cold. Sitting on the toilet seat hurts, taking an egg out of the fridge hurts, and touching anything remotely cold hurts. At first the neurologist thought I might have small fiber (nerve) neuropathy but that has been ruled out on January 20, 2011. He then said maybe Raynaud's but my fingers don't turn white and I don't have cold extremities. My hands are often swollen and red but never (or rarely) cold. I have seasonal allergies. I always get cold infections and coughing EVERY winter.

This is painful. I get pitting edema in my fingers and anything that touches my skin kind of hurts, especially if it's pointy!!!

I don't believe it's Raynaud's. A friend of mine has it and her fingers turn ghostly white.

When I'm really warm sometimes my skin burns more like behind the knees. Sometimes I have to remove my socks because they "bother" me and my feet can be red. Can these symptoms all be part of dermographism?

To be honest, I am not sure. Sensitivity to heat seems to be common with dermographism. I do experience that myself and many readers have as well. I suppose the same can happen with cold. The skin's senstivity is heightened with the dermographism condition and there is a good chance that what you are experiencing is related to it. However, there is a chance something unrelated is going on. Pursue this with doctors if the symptoms persist.

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