Canine Sarcoptic Mange or Dog Scabies

by Anonymous

Canine Sarcoptic Mange or Dog Scabies on Back

Canine Sarcoptic Mange or Dog Scabies on Back

I received this ITCHY rash after rescuing a dog from a shelter. I started itching within 4 days after picking up the dog. The rash is REALLY bad on my breasts and sides, with a little on my upper thighs and knee area. I figured it was just a heat rash. I was VERY wrong! It is called Canine Sarcoptic Mange (Dog Scabies).

I searched the Internet for a few nights trying to figure out what I had. I found ABSOLUTELY ZERO pictures on the Internet of humans infected with this mite. SO, I hope my picture can really help someone out there trying to figure out what rash they have.

It was diagnosed as Sarcoptic Mange by the Vet. I went to the doctor and he said these mites CANNOT live on humans for very long, so don't worry, BUT you do have to get your dog treated otherwise they will keep coming back. If you have this you will find QUICK relief from a product called Sarna(buy it at Walmart for under $15). It takes away the itch immediately!

I also had the dog treated at the vet. They did a skin scrape and gave the dog a shot. I have to bring the dog back in 2 weeks for the second shot, which will kill the rest of the mites that hatch from the eggs already present.

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Apr 04, 2020
by: Lara

I rescued an animal from the shelter that said she was clean several months ago but she was still scratching and then my other dog start scratching. Well, the rescue dog broke out even more all over with crusted looking things. I took her back to the place that I rescued her from and I said look I cannot deal with it.

I have already spent $1000 on another incident with this dog. I called several days later to check on the dog and I find out she has scabby mange. So I took my dog to the vet and it is getting injections, one shot a week for a month. In the meantime, I have little scratch marks and bumps and blisters on my hands, the tips of my fingers, my ankle, a few on my knee, and my breats. I went to my primary care physician and I use permethrin cream.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the dermatologist. At my first appointment, I was told that it looked like eczema. I am here to tell you it is not eczema and this insanity is real.

Feb 26, 2017
Dogs Worse Curse to Loving Man

I have been plagued by demodicosis which is a skin mite from dogs not sarcoptic mange. For six months I have had soars all over my arms, legs, head, and everywhere. I have used everything and been to four doctors who all say that I am crazy but say that I pick myself and that it is lice but I am bald.

I have had blood and urine tests and skin scrapings but they all came back negative. Well if the CDC does not acknowledge that the mite can live on humans the ADA cannot acknowledge it either and so they look at you like you are stupid even though there is so much information online about it.

They diagnosed me with severe demodicosis which is a demodex skin mite found on dogs. They change the name from k9 to human just like sarcoptic mange to scabies on humans. Why acknowledge one and not the other.

I have used horse ivermectin and any other possible thing known to man and I am still suffering everyday, looking as if I was in a fire. There are white pods of them hanging on my hair. I put table salt on them and it hurts. I hope this diatomaceous earth food grade powder from the tractor supply works. It killed the ones that got on my girlfriend. I feel like I have a plague. Does anyone have any answers?

Sep 12, 2014
All clear!
by: Anonymous

I have read every comment here and know exactly how you all feel. I found a little black box called a zapper (seemed hokey and expensive but I was desperate). I wore it 24/7. I also used the combination of three herbs and I took them everyday 3x a day for four months straight. No matter how good I felt, I kept at that regimen. I then began taking the herbs 1x a day, then 1x a week. I now take them as I feel necessary, but as a preventative not because I'm itching. I don't itch anymore and my skin is normal again and I don't feel like I'm loosing my mind! The three herbs are black walnut hull, cloves, and wormwood. I used the capsule forms. Using all of this together has completely rid my body of the pure hell I was going through. I am not a doctor and only claim this worked for me and I'm not giving any advice either. I give the herbs to my children, my husband and my dog. Everybody zaps too, because I never want to be re-infected again! Dr. Hulda Clark opened my eyes to this, you'll see a few people try to debunk her work, but I found it to be helpfull and most importantly my cure. Hope my experience helps .

Jul 22, 2014
Not an STD like Web MD Diagnosed
by: Anonymous

The latest comment sounds exactly like my experience. I am still suffering from the itch a week after prescription treatment. Web md and the like state that it's a STD! Also, humans cannot get it from dogs. I am here to tell you that is wrong, wrong, wrong. Get to the docto or an urgent care clinic. It will not go away on it's own and no amount of tea tree oil or soap will help. Thank you for the pictures. It looks exactly like mine.

Jan 24, 2014
I can"t sleep because I am itching so bad.
by: Angela

On Christmas Day my boyfriend was dog sitting a pitbull with what looked like mange or a skin allergy. I was exposed to this itchy smelly dog for almost two weeks. Since then I am itching so bad - behind my knees, inner arms, insides of my legs, feet, and stomach. I barely have a rash but I can't stop itching. I thought this darn dog had the mange and now I am wondering if I do. It slept at my house for a few days. My son doesn't seem to be afflicted, just me. I have not gone to the doctor but will have to because I am leaving trails of bruises from itching. Or is this them burrowing? I have been saying for weeks now that I think it was that dog. Can you treat this OTC?

Nov 21, 2013
Suffering with Mange Condition for Over a Year
by: bugged

I have the same thing. I was sure they came from the dogs, but did not know that the spot flea treatment does not work. I use Frontline Plus.
I saw a doctor for over eight months. She thought she cured me but didn't. I have used head lice shampoo, dog flea soaps, and Ivermectin medicines from India that I ordered over the internet. I had them on my head pretty bad, but those are almost gone from constantly washing my hair with dog flea shampoo and leaving it on for at least ten minutes.

Strong antibiotics help too, but you would need to be on them for over a month. I have sprayed my whole yard (1.5 acres). I have some very big long tunnels under my skin. I think using Ivermetic, flea soap, and antibiotics all at once might get rid of them. I was on Levenquin and it cleared them up a lot. If you use Nair hair remover, you will find out fast our many more you have.
I am going to spray my neighbors watering hole that she has for the wild animals here in the desert. (I wish it would get a big leak).

My lesions are pretty deep. I think maybe because I have had this for a long time. If I ever get rid of this, I will write in detail what I did. A lot of things work, but never 100%. Teatree oil helps too.

Sep 12, 2013
Dog Mites in Humans
by: Anonymousandlosingit

My family are being tormented with what I believe to be some kind of mite, it goes on the head and scalp too. I have very mild symptoms but have had them longer than anyone else, mainly mild itching all over down to my knees. However my husband has a severe rash nearly as long as I've been itching. So I got Permethrin from the doctor just in case it was scabies (we had treated for everything else, bug sprayed, natural treatments/flea deterrents, etc.). Two days after treatment my child broke out, new bumps and track marks every day. He had no rash previous to treatment. The only thing I could think was the dog, she was the only thing we hadn't cleaned! So for the second treatment we treated the dog with Advocate. My child and husband still have new bites after the second treatment. I am kind of hoping it's dog mites, as hopefully the Advocate should work.

The dog looks fine but has had a couple of small scabs on her stomach for months, and I didn't think anything of it at the time. She started scratching lately despite a spot on flea treatment. I later researched and found it doesn't treat mites. Does anyone know if dog mites leave track marks like human scabies? My symptoms don't fit typical human scabies and although my child's looks like human scabies it is not in the usual areas. I've spent a fortune and been worked to the bone, my husband too. I'm losing my mind with new bumps all over my child, post treatment. I'll have to take him out of school if we can't figure it out as to what it is. It's obviously contagious. Any more pics or advice about how dog mites present in humans would be fantastic!

Jun 07, 2013
Mange and Itching
by: Alicia

I got a dog from a friend a couple of months ago. He was sleeping in my son's room, but my son started itching a lot, and we figured that he was allergic to the dog. We started letting the dog sleep in my room, but he doesn't get on my bed. The dog started having crusting near his tail, for what seemed like scabbing from cuts. He is now losing his hair at the base of his back where it meets his tail. With the research I've done, I am getting ready to take him to the vet. My friend didn't have trouble, but the dog also went swimming in her pool every day, which probably kept it from showing up. None of my other dogs have it, so I don't know where this dog might have contracted it. He is a lab, so it will be a big problem if we don't solve it. We have three other small dogs to protect from this creature.

May 10, 2013
This Happened to our Family
by: Anonymous

We have lived this nightmare for over a year! We purchased a dog from a breeder that was one year old. First, I developed a rash under my breasts that would not heal and saw at least four doctors. Then it spread throughout my body because the doctors were awful and the vet told me my dog had allergies. Then the rest of my family got it and were told by doctors we all has allergies. I searched the web because how could we all be itching including our dog. I figured it out but it took two biopsies from my skin to find a mite before the stupid doctors would believe me. The stupid vets never found the mites on the dog! Because I kept the dog well groomed they can have what is called incognito mange. We gave up the sweet dog because three vets disagreed with me. I developed a staph skin infection and crusted scabies meanwhile. The skin creams did not work with ivermectin because I think we keep getting reinfected from the environment. When we are cured I will post.

Feb 17, 2013
Itch Free
by: Anonymous

What gets me is doctors have known this for many years. I read in a Funk and Wagnals encyclopedia produced in 1965, that the Itch Mite causes severe eczema and black heads in man, and mange in animals. I wish we had better products that would eliminate these pests instead of expensive creams or oral medications that don't work. I got frustrated with this doctor telling me one thing, and another doctor telling me something far different. I was spending money I didn't have and still had a severe skin condition. I started research with home remedies, and trusting what seemed logical,found it to be inexpensive, and now I am ITCH FREE.

Jun 04, 2012
by: Raissa

I got my answer!

I've been so paranoid thinking that these mysterious bites that started a week ago were something very serious like an autoimmune disorder. Turns out it's mange on me!

My seven two-month old puppies have been sleeping with me in bed at night and I developed a rash similar to mosquito bites. At first just two to three pin-head sized bites, then every morning when I woke up a few would appear and they itched like crazy! It started on my right thighs, then my stomach area, spread out to my back, then to my inner arms and down my left legs. I've got about more than 50 bite marks now.

The comments below say it goes away on its own if the dogs are treated promptly. What about permethrin cream if the condition persists? I've had mine for a week now and I hate the dark scars it leaves on my legs and arms. Hope others can offer advice and how their mange problem was treated. Thanks so much!

Visit the pictures of skin rashes page for more skin rash information.

May 17, 2012
Same Skin Problem
by: Anonymous

KILL ME! I have the same thing. I just rescued a pup on Saturday and then I broke out two days later starting with three or four bumps. Now the rash is all over my breast, stomach, butt, and a little on my legs and arms.

Apr 23, 2012
by: Anonymous

I took in a kitten who had it on her face. Didn't know what it was. Only pea-sized spots were present. She spread it to my black cat's neck and he lost a golf ball sized area of hair on his neck quickly. I Googled and found out what it was. I started treating it with a mixture of purified water, peroxide, and 20 Mule Team Borax. It worked perfectly. My husband developed a spot on his ankle which I also treated. I wish I had taken pictures. On my husband's ankle it looked like red scratches.

Apr 09, 2012
I didn't know people could get Mange
by: Anonymous

Wow, I had the same itch. I thought it was heat rash and cold rash but now I am going to the doctor. My family had to put our dog down because she had Mange so I didn't know.

Feb 28, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing this photo. It took us over two months to determine that I had the same thing from my dog. She just took her second treatment as it turns out the first one was expired. So I may have to wait another two weeks again to see if it all clears up. Did you receive any mole looking like marks as it cleared up?

Jan 02, 2012
More information on this skin problem required.
by: Anonymous

I was just curious if this did resolve on it's own and how long it took? Our dog has mange and I think some of the mites might have gotten on me while I was grooming him. It's horrible and itchy!

Feb 22, 2011
Reply for Canine Sarcoptic Photos
by: Anonymous

I never got the lines. I guess they are burrows from the mites. I can e-mail full size photos if you would like, I was more affected on my breast, stomach, and thighs. TERRIBLE ITCHING!! Let me know where to send the pictures if you wish.

Feb 18, 2011
Canine Sarcoptic Photo
by: Anonymous

Hello. Thank you for the post of the pictures. I thought I was nuts. I wish I had a bigger photo to examine. Can you tell me if you had little lines that are about 1/4 inch up to 3 inches? My scratches look like a uneven V in places. The vet did treat my dog although he was unable to say if the dog did have it. It has been seven days since my doctor treated me with the antibiotic cream and I am still finding new ones. Any help deeply appreciated.

Thank you.

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