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An overall body rash is often difficult to diagnose because there are so many elements that can trigger a skin rash in people.

For example, a body skin rash may be caused by an allergic reaction to medication. An allergic reaction to various types of food is also possible. A deficiency in certain vitamins can manifest itself as a body skin rash as well. The rash may be caused by the presence of a virus in the body - flu virus, chicken pox virus, or even HIV. Bacterial based skin rashes also occur and these range from strep to syphilis.

Various diseases can produce rashes. Lupus is one example. External irritants such as chemicals can lead to a skin rash. Even stress and heat cause rashes.

Visit the pictures of skin rashes page for additional skin rash information.

These are just a few examples. There are many more. This is why it is extremely difficult to diagnose a rash on the body. The diagnose my skin rash page elaborates on many causes of skin rashes and discusses not only some of the factors mentioned above, but many more.

Body Rash Stories

Below you can enter your story about a rash on your body. Looking for answers, then this might be the place for you. Here is one example from a visitor to this page. More contributions are found below.

Rash All Over Body

by Beatriz (New York City)

I have developed this skin rash and it has been appearing (ALL OVER MY BODY) on and off since last week. I have always had sensitive skin but this type of body rash has never happened to me before. I have not changed my diet at all and have not consumed anything that I have never had before. I am sure it's not that. I considered it being a new detergent or fabric softener since these may cause body rashes but the rash on my body still reappears on my legs and chest when I am wearing a skirt/dress with no pantyhose or a shirt with my chest open. So I definitely do not think it's the detergent. But it does seem like every time I go outside and come back inside I notice the rash on body has reappeared. With the sudden change in weather I think that it is a possibility that it can be what is causing this rash but again I am not sure. Any thoughts? 

I really would appreciate any feedback. I am going to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist for next week. Does this sound like a permanent condition? I am so worried it will ruin my skin!

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There are many types of skin rashes that people are affected with. If you have a story about your experience with a skin rash and feel that if would be useful to the individuals visiting this website then please feel free to share it.

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