Chinese Medicine Natural Hives Cure

by James

I started experiencing skin hives about five months ago. I have tried various types of antihistamine tablets, but they just became less and less effective after my body got used to them. I have consulted a few doctors, been given steroid injections, and was taking steroid tablets for more than two months. But these treatments just did not work for me and I was very miserable and depressed.

About a month ago, I started taking this TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) in capsules form that I bought over the counter and my hives cleared up after just three days of treatment. However, I went on to complete the course of treatment for one month, just to make sure the skin hives did not come back again.

I am now very happy and releived that I can enjoy a normal life again, which was unimaginable only a few weeks ago before this treatment.

Moderator's comment. Many individuals seek out a natural approach to cure their hives skin problem for the reason James has mentioned above - your body does get conditioned to the medication and it often becomes less and less effective. Other factors for looking for natural remedies include the cost of the medication and the side effects. Two natural remedies to cure hives are provided in the these ebooks.

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Nov 20, 2016
Severe Urticaria and Hives
by: Anonymous

Hello all. I have been experiencing hives or urticaria for four years now. I noticed it started when I got a tooth removed by a dentist. I have been dealing with severe itching all over my body, and my feet itch and ache every day. I have used antihistamines, but it's like my body is not responding to them anymore. If anyone has a specific traditional Chinese medicine for this skin problem, please share. I am very frustrated with this skin problem.

Jul 07, 2011
Chinese Medicine Hive Cures
by: Anonymous

James, can you tell me where to get the Chinese medicine that you talked about in your post. I live in Spore. I have had this skin hives problem for the past two months. Basically, it comes and goes. Please help because I think the Chinese medicine may be an effective hives cure for me. Thanks. I.V.

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