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Dermatographism or physical urticaria is a skin condition that produces raised hives, a rash, or welts on the skin. These welts usually appear as a result of friction or pressure applied to the skin. In many cases, the condition can be controlled somewhat. Treatments usually involve an assortment of prescription and non-prescription antihistamines.

However, there is no cure for this skin condition. In addition, determining an exact cause for this skin problem is also extremely difficult. Therefore, dealing with dermatographism and the raised welts is very problematic for individuals and their doctors.

One method that can be used to help individuals that suffer from dermatographism is to read other people’s experiences. The purpose of this web page is to provide individuals with other people’s personal experiences with this skin problem and to examine the questions that individuals commonly have with regards to dermatograhism and the welts caused by this condition. Various individuals, doctors, and other experts in the field provide answers for these questions.

Keep in mind that the information on dermatographism provided below is for information purposes only. It forms part of an overall treatment plan that should include consultations with a dermatologist.

Information to prevent, control, and cure this skin condition can be found at this page. Submission to are provided below.

Red Itchy Bumps Impossible to Conceal

I am sixteen and until I got this disease I had perfect clear skin so it has really affected me. I use to love my face and now my jaw line is covered in red itchy bumps that are impossible to conceal. People worry that it's contagious and I can't tell them whether it is or not because I do not know. I cannot get rid of it and it just will not go away!


Benadryl Cream Treatment

I was just diagnosed with this, but my doctor said that it has something to do with mast cells releasing serotonin. When I said that I use Benadryl cream or cortizone cream to help, he said that won't do anything since it's not from a histamine? I have always had allergies (pollen, ragweed), especially allergic reactions to mosquito bites, I swell up with huge welts for days after a bite.


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Share your Dermographism Skin Problem Story

Dermographism or dermatographism is a skin problem that is more common than people think. However, many medical professionals often are unaware of it or do not know how to deal with. Share your experience with Dermographism and help others.

Other People's Dermographism Stories

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Possible Delayed Reaction to Food 
I have had this condition for about ten months now. I have never had allergies in the past. All of my blood work results are normal. According to a test …

Dental Procedures and Itchy Dermatographism Skin Hives 
I have had itching and dermographism for almost ten years now. Like one of you has mentioned, the dermatographism skin condition started soon after I had …

Coping with Skin Hives Naturally 
My first battle with hives happened about five years ago. I suffered every day all day and all night for two years without any relief in sight. I went …

Chinese Medicine Natural Hives Cure 
I started experiencing skin hives about five months ago. I have tried various types of antihistamine tablets, but they just became less and less effective …

Itchy Skin Hives After Scratching Lightly 
About two months ago, I started getting really itchy especially my feet, legs, back, and torso. After about a month, one morning after my coffee, I …

Hives and Birth Control Pill Yasmin 
I am a 27 year old woman and have not been diagnosed with Dermographism, but after reading these forums I think I may have just that. I was diagnosed …

Chronic Urticaria Skin Rash 
I have, for the past 8 months, suffered from hives chronically. My skin was blotched and worse at night. I tried giving up all makeup and had all the tests …

Vitamin C and Hives Treatment 
I was diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2007. In 2009, my 2 year check up showed I was completely clear and my doctor even said I was cured. Some months …

Sensitive Skin Hives and Welts 
I have had Dermographism for my entire life, although I never knew the name for it. I would have an itch, scratch it, and people (friends) would ask if …

Hives on Face and Antihistamines 
I am the mother of a 4 year old girl. Who is dealing with dermagraphism. Her face has this red, bumpy rash that will not dissipate. IF she rolls around …

Hives From Antibiotics and Metal Toxicity 
I have been battling with this hives condition since 2005 and I have come to realize it is an overabundance of yeast in the system. The cause is from an …

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Listed below are categories of reader’s submissions on the topics of welts, dermatographism, rashes, etc. These submissions can be very helpful in trying to diagnose your skin hives problem.

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Itchy Symptoms

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Red Rash Symptoms

raised red skin rash
red bumpy rash


antihistamine medication

antihistamine drugs

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