Chronic Urticaria Skin Rash

by Fran Talbot

I have, for the past 8 months, suffered from hives chronically. My skin was blotched and worse at night. I tried giving up all makeup and had all the tests - thyroid/bloods/xrays/etc. I was prescribed anti-malarial medication, plus anti depressants, plus phenergan, plus anti histamines, and began feeling like a zombie. So I went off everything and looked at my diet. I found that foods high in salycilates like tomatoes/strawberries/coffee, etc., seemed to aggravate it all. Finally I took medication for worms as I had been travelling in India and Mongolia.

I am finally hives free so who knows, maybe it all worked or maybe it just hived itself out, but the thought of it being there forever was unbearable.

So try one thing at a time. I just got sick of looking awful and not being able to use perfumes, etc. I also began to feel like a real hypochondriac. I also thought it might be the wattles and gum trees in northern Australia where I live. I became completely neurotic and wore a mask outside too.

So food elimination and worm tablets convinced me. You do have to have a bland diet for a week or so to ensure it works, like eggs/bananas/pears/leeks/no wine/pumpkin....

Good luck.

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Jan 05, 2013
Pressure Urticaria
by: Anonymous

After taking numerous antihistimines daily, I switched to Zyrtec once a day, a quarter head of cabbage cooked any way, and quercetin 500 milligrams (the active ingredient in the cabbage. I saw instant relief within one week and my life is more than manageable now.

Jul 16, 2010
by: SJC

Thank you for posting your remedy for hives. I too suffered horribly for over 9 months and noticed that this condition was aggravated when drinking coffee, wine and anything with tomatoes or tomato products such as ketchup. I also limited my diet and started taking trisalts 3x a day. The trisalts helped tremendously and I prayed for God's healing of this horrible plague. I still get a little tingling sensation if I consume any of the above items more than three times in a week. Prayer, diet and trisalts have kept me basically symptom free. I hope this helps someone who is suffering. It's a horrible condition to have to live with.

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