Conditions of Dermographism

by Virginia Bast

There is no writing on the skin when pressure is applied. When I was younger I could scratch my name into my arm and it would raise up, BUT there was no itching or redness its mainly my back and that is any time of the day. If I wear jeans that are tight around the waist after a time it will start to itch, all the way around, and drives me crazy. Is this still Dermographism?

It could still be dermographism but with much milder symptoms. However, tight jeans will cause friction on the skin and this constant rubbing will irritate the skin and it may not be related to dermographism at all. I think the skin of most people would get irritated by this. Usually with dermographism you get raised red itchy welts. Not all of these symptoms occur in all people.

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May 08, 2010
Dermographism - finally I know why my skin is strange
by: Anonymous

Thank you for informing me of my condition. I'm 25 now and since I was small my skin has been a little weird. I have been fortunate enough not to suffer any severe symptoms. I could always amuse friends by writing my name across my arm for it to magically appear five minutes later. I have sensitive skin and do get an itchy face quite a bit, especially along the jawline, but resisting the itch helps keep raised red patches at bay. No need to be embarrassed by raised marks caused by knocks or falls - it's just the way our skin reacts and it just takes a little longer than usual to fade out. If we feel confident about it others won't even notice!

Mar 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

My recommendation for easing the symptoms of dermographism is to simply stop eating sugar. I believe there is a link between the skin hives of dermographism and sugar intake.

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