Dermatographism Symptoms

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Dermatographism symptoms can appear at any age, but is more common in young adults. Individuals in their 20s or 30s are most often affected.

All body surfaces can be affected by this skin condition. The most common body areas to be affected are the trunk of the body (back, chest, abdomen), buttocks, and face. Arms and legs may also be involved, but the scalp and genitalia areas less frequently.

By being aware of the various dermographism symptoms, an individual can determine whether or not they have dermatographism or dermographism.

Raised Red Skin Welts

This skin condition is characterized by the appearance of raised patches of skin or red skin welts or welts and redness. What makes this condition unusual in appearance is that the welts are in the pattern of the force applied to the skin.

For example, if a blunt object is used to write or draw something on the skin simply by the use of pressure, the writing will appear on the surface of the skin as raised letters. If the skin is lightly scratched, the raised areas will be in the pattern of the scratching. Accompanying the raised skin areas is very itchy skin prior to the welts, while the welts are forming, and while the hives or welts are present.

Other dermatographism symptoms are skin redness and possibly the appearance of small red bumps. Often the individual with dermographism gets up in the morning with red marks all over the face and other body parts. Also, drying off with a towel after bathing can lead to read marks on the skin, especially in the facial area.

Itchy and Burning Skin

A constant characteristic of this skin condition is that one minute the individual may be perfectly fine and the next the skin becomes itchy and it is often a burning skin itch. This causes the individual to scratch (sometimes without noticing that he/she is doing it) and this results in the other dermatographism symptoms appearing. The welts usually develop within five minutes of the stroking of the skin surface. The dermatographism symptoms persist for 15 to 30 minutes and sometimes a bit longer and then subside without a treatment. Many such episodes may occur in one day and rarely does the individual go a full day without at least one out-break of symptoms.

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Pressure and Friction on the Skin Cause Symptoms

Not a lot of pressure is required to trigger the dermographism symptoms. Sometimes, simply rubbing the face lightly with a finger will cause the flare-up of a red itchy raised patch of skin. This is very noticeable and can cause embarrassment and stress for the affected individual. Greater amounts of applied pressure to the skin will produce more dramatic dermatographism symptoms.

Objects that create friction on the skin such as tight fitting clothing, wristwatches, belts, and even eye glasses where they contact the skin, can all trigger the dermatographism symptoms.

In 25-50% of people, firm stroking does produce more than the normal amount of skin redness. However, welts are not present and neither is excessive itching. Approximately, 2-5% of individuals will experience the full symptoms of dermatographism.

Dermatographism Diagnosis

A dermatologist diagnoses the condition by focusing on the key symptoms of dermatographism and questioning the patient’s history. The dermatologist uses a wooden tongue depressor and runs it down the patient’s back using mild to moderate force to see if a welt develops within a few minutes. The back is normally used rather than the arms or any other body part because it is more sensitive. The back area of the body tends to be more protected from day-to-day pressure exposure and environmental influences. A dermatographometer or dermographometer, which is simply a spring-loaded stylus can be used in the diagnosis. This instrument applies graded and reproducible pressure to the skin and is mainly used in clinical studies or to diagnose if the dermatographism is mild, moderate, or severe.

Summary of Dermatographism Symptoms

  • friction (even light) applied to the skin causes raised skin
  • raised skin or welts form in the shape of the applied pressure or friction
  • itchiness and skin redness are present
  • welts appear within 2 to 5 minutes of the friction being applied to the skin
  • symptoms generally last for 15 to 30 minutes
  • trunk and face are most often affected
  • several episodes a day are the norm

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