Coping with Skin Hives Naturally

by Gina
(New York)

My first battle with hives happened about five years ago. I suffered every day all day and all night for two years without any relief in sight. I went to an allergist, dermatologist, family physician, and no one helped me except for Dr. Westfried who is in Brooklyn, New York.

Claritin did nothing, Zyrtec helped but didn't take the hives away. I have dealt with swollen hands, swollen face and feet, and with many panicked visits to the hospital emergency room. When it finally just stopped one day, I thought I was in the clear. However, this past Christmas I was mistaken. The skin hives were back! In fact, the hives returned full force everyday once again. This time I was placed on Atarax and it worked! The Atarax stopped the skin hives dead in their tracks.

Do not worry or drive yourself crazy wondering what is wrong with you. Trust me, I have been down that road and it only depressed me and worsened the situation. My best advice is to play around with different antihistamines until one works. Some things to help are to avoid any white bread potatoes and any foods with a lot of preservatives. I strongly believe hives are set off by an imbalance in the body and a toxic overload. The body is begging for a cleanse. Each time I suffered with hives I forced myself onto an all natural diet. Buy everything fresh and prepare it yourself. It helps a great deal. Baths in milk or Aveeno oatmeal will relieve the painful burning sensation that the skin hives can cause. Avoid stress as much as possible. My heart goes out to all that suffer from this horrible part of life. Hang in there.

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