Dental Procedures and Itchy Dermatographism Skin Hives

by Jerry
(Miami, FL)

I have had itching and dermographism for almost ten years now. Like one of you has mentioned, the dermatographism skin condition started soon after I had a root canal procedure and a crown installed, but dentists, allergists, and doctors have always told me there is no connection between these procedures and the itchy skin condition that I developed. For years, Claritin kept the symptoms under control, but this medication seemed to work a bit less around three years ago, so I switched to a different antihistamine - Allegra. The Allegra worked fine for a few years, but it seemed to be wearing off like the Claritin did and so I just switched back to the Claritin again and it has been alright but not great.

For about three years, I have also used Atarax as needed at night. It helps some but makes me drowsy. When the problem is bad, especially in the summer, I drive myself crazy trying to think of the cause, but it is a very hard problem to figure out. I use only Ivory Snow to launder my clothes and mostly clear detergents with no additives in the house. I also try to avoid cologne and make my wife limit the perfume she wears, but I don't really think those things make a big difference. However, a few things that clearly do aggravate the dermatographism skin problem are dust and, oddly enough, cardboard (when I handle it), but I still cannot identify a specific cause. Usually I just forget about it, but when the itchy dermatographism skin problem is bad, it is really bad.

Has anyone learned anything about the connection to dental work? If so, I would get the crown replaced.

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Mar 09, 2020
Dental Work and Rash
by: Sandy

I was wondering how long after the dental procedures did anybody break out in a rash? I had a tooth crack in half and was not able to save it. I was already missing several teeth on the bottom so I decided to get a partial. The dentist put a crown on the one tooth because it was too weak to hold the partial. One week after I broke out in this itchy rash. I went to a dermatologist and he put me on double dose of Zyrtec and prescription antihistamine. Eight weeks went by with not much change. The dermatologist then told me to see an allergist, which I will go see in three days.

The bad thing is I have to be off all my antihistamines in order to get tested and I am with a full blown rash and itching at this moment. I am going To address this tooth thing with my allergist. The itching and rash is so bad I cannot even sit still and I look like a crazy person. I cannot go to work. It's just miserable

Jun 15, 2019
Results from Tooth Removal?
by: Years of hives

I just came across this page and I am curious to see if anyone who had their root canal tooth removed had any success with stopping chronic hives? I have had a random rash on my arms and legs with blisters the last 11 years. I have had three root canals in my life, one of which was done a lot of time before my first rash occurred. I tried all types of gluten free products (which helped) and autoimmune protocol diets (they helped a little bit) but it still seems to occur. All the dermatologist could tell me was that it was an autoimmune response and gave me creams. I do not know what else to do. I plan to see a neuropath doctor this month but I am starting to think that all I need to do is remove the tooth that had the root canal done 11 years ago before this started.

I have also seen the movie Root Cause which gave me the idea to look up the tooth meridian chart which links my tooth to my gut and intestines, which could be the cause of my gluten sensitivity. Thoughts?

Apr 05, 2019
Root Canal Possibly Making Me Sick
by: Anonymous

Thank god I am not alone! I had a root canal last November 2018 and a week later a rash appeared on my legs and arms. I also had fatigue and swollen painful joints. Consultants, doctors, and dentists all felt that it was not related to the root canal procedure. I had test after test, all normal. I took steroids for over a month, different creams, and antihistamines, including ones that helped me sleep. I still felt like 90 year old and started getting pain in my back and chest.

I am 54 but have been very fit before. I am a nurse and do agree with reading research but in my case I feel I can argue with the medical people as everything they have suggested is not working. If I am wrong I am happy to admit it but the loss of one tooth really seems small to me if it helps get rid of my condition. I always thought there was a connection between the root canal and my condition, but I have now booked to have the tooth removed. I have to wait until the beginning of July. Fingers crossed!

Jan 29, 2019
Gutta Percha Allergy
by: Anonymous

I recently had my porcelain crowns removed and replaced with non-metal Zirconia implants. No more itches!

For years I had nightly itching with hives that moved all over my body. I would have to take Benadryl at night. I thought I was allergic to soap, laundry soap, dust, and everything else. I was driven crazy trying to figure it all out. My dermatologist diagnosed me with dermatographia as any pressure on my skin would cause hives.

My husband had an root canal in January. He has never had allergies and is now suffering raging skin hives. After researching and now the absence of my own skin issues, I believe it is the gutta percha (similar to latex) filling in his (soon to be removed) root canal. There are latex allergies in his family.

For a wealth of information, my implant surgeon recommended that I watch "Root Cause" - a documentary on Netflix. The message that I took from the movie was that some peoples' immune systems can handle years with a dead tooth and bacteria, while others experience tragic consequences.

So glad for the information shared on this topic and so so glad for the absence of the insanity of nightly itching.

Jul 25, 2018
Eczema and Root Canal
by: Anonymous

I believe I am having an extended outbreak of eczema after a root canal and crown. I have a latex allergy but had no idea it was a component of the materials used in root canal work. Has anyone found a solution to this allergic reaction? I am strongly considering having the two teeth removed.

Jul 20, 2018
Rashes and Hives after Temporary Medicated Filling
by: Anonymous

I had a temporary filling three months ago to replace a large filling that had fallen out and got an infection in the tooth. The dentist prescribed amoxicillin and put in what she called a temporary medicated filling. Two days later I started to get rashes over my torso and arms that then spread over the next week coming out in small blisters and hives. All were incredibly itchy, especially at night, to the point I was hardly sleeping at all.

I went to the doctor who said it was an allergic reaction to the amoxicillin and it would go away. It then continued and got worse. I then started to wonder about the medicated filling and so last Monday I finally got an appointment at the dentist to take temporary filling out as I believed it to be the cause. This is now nearly three months of rashes and blisters etc. The dentist said that the medicated filling had been packed underneath with a swab containing clindamycin glue/paste, which is usually used in root canal treatment. This was removed three days ago and already I am a different person and the rashes are nearly all gone. Clearly this is a reaction to this antibiotic paste. She said that would rule me out of any chance of root canal treatment in the future as this is always used.

Jun 06, 2018
Rash on Child's Face
by: Anonymous

Yesterday, my 4 year old daughter had dental surgery - 6 fillings and the metal caps on top. She did great and everything went smooth but last night she started to have a red rash on her cheeks and under her eye. I thought that was weird and started Googling things and came across this page and now I am freaking out. From what people are posting I do not think it matters if it is a white filling or silver. It has to be something they use. I cannot believe all of these cases and dentists are saying it is not related to dental work. Her office is supposed to call today to check on how her procedure went so I definitely plan on asking what is going on.

Apr 10, 2018
Latex Allergy and Root Canal
by: Anonymous

I hope this helps someone suffering! It seems like many people are itchy after root canals. Latex allergies run in my family and while I have not had any reaction to latex yet, I have had reactions to related plants like avocado. I found this page and I am convinced this is it! My whole face has been unbearably itchy since my root canal and it is the only thing that has changed. A lot of people have latex allergies and do not know it because it is so hard to pinpoint what gave you the reaction.

Apr 07, 2018
Face Flush and Itching Rash after Root Canal and Dental Extraction
by: Why

I am almost 50 years old and very thankfully healthy my whole life, including no surgeries, no allergies and I consider myself to definitely take care of basic hygiene.

I too have recently (February 2018) had dental extraction of a tooth that was broken to gum line for around the last 10 years. I asked about saving the tooth and putting on a crown but the dentist said no way. I was surprised that I was not being referred to an oral surgeon for extraction but the dentist said no need since it was an easy extraction and could be performed at her office.

Bottom line, after the extraction (about 36 hours) I woke up to jawline itching, a red flush face with hot flat cheek patches and down my neck irritation as well. One more flare up a week later and cheek flushing 10 days later. Soon after, body skin itching with rash pops up that looked like ringworm or tinea corpis of the body.

A prescription cream helped a little. Then I started tea tree oil which seemed to kill the fungus and definitely helped the itch. However, it dries the skin. An allergist did a prick test and no positives on all environmental and food allergens. Some infectious disease blood tests and several others were performed and all showed nothing.

In the meantime, a new second rash like hives has developed and is spreading to other parts of my skin. If I treat one area with something, it goes somewhere else on body. I hope to write a subsequent post to explain why this is happening.

I feel like the doctors question if I am crazy but I didn’t make this happen! I also for sure have had a month long headache, left kidney pain, chest/lung pain, neck stiffness, shortness of breath, weird pains all over and sleep problems for sure!

Feb 21, 2018
Hives after Root Canal
by: Anne

There are so many things that can cause hives after dental procedures and many dentists are resistant to listening to their patients. Many of the chemicals such as formaldehyde, eugenol,and adhesives used to attach crowns can cause reactions.

Root canals use gutta percha which is an isomer of latex and so many people who get hives after root canal are allergic to latex. If you have a latex allergy you have to make sure that you do not get exposed with rubber dams, latex gloves, rubber endo points, or anesthesia injections that have latex in the cartridge.

Having reactions after having implant screws put in may be from allergy to a metal called titanium.

There are so many things you can be allergic to and I get so aggravated when people complain about itching and hives after dental procedures and they are ignored or told it is due to something else.

Jan 17, 2018
We got an answer - Bronopol!
by: Savannah's Mom

My daughter got a root canal about three months ago and from day one she had a dark red itchy rash on her chin, and swelling of her cheeks and eyes, etc. The dentist sent us to an allergist to get tested and she tested positive for an allergy to "2-Bromo, 2-Nitropropane, 3-Diol"... or Bronopol. The allergist gave us a sheet explaining what Bronopol is found in and sure enough right on the front page it says it is used in "root canal disinfectants"! Crazy and since then I have done some research and there are quite a bit of studies showing that people who are allergic to Bronopol or formaldehyde can have recurring urticaria after a root canal. Sometimes for years. Anyway, just thought I would throw that out there for those of you that are looking for answers! (PS. We will probably be getting the tooth removed.)

Jan 10, 2018
Dental Ichiness
by: Anonymous

I had my bottom second to last tooth capped by a dentist and soon after that area of my jaw became itcy and swollen which lasted a few days. It would periodically occur during the course of two years which made me think possibly it was not from the tooth work. No help was provided from any doctor. But then I had the same tooth on the other side capped and got the same symptoms. I knew for sure it was tooth related. Since then I had a root canal done on one of them and no symptoms recurred, but later I had to have that cap replaced and symptoms came back slightly after shots were given and a temporary cap put on. Then they decided I needed an implant instead and was then prepared with bone graft work for that procedure. The itching got worse. The only difference I see from the first time is that it does not swell up now, only itch. An allergy reaction to something, yes. Either they cannot figure what to do or they are hiding the truth to save money, etc., or just do not really care enough to research it.

Dec 08, 2017
Urticaria Related to Dental Work
by: Lidia

I have seen doctors, specialists, and a few dentists who all said it was highly unlikely that the urticaria was related to dental work. I knew that it was as the only thing that had changed in my life was getting a root canal done.

I removed the tooth years later and the itching, spots, welts and red marks all went away. My skin does get sensitive and itchy from time to time but nowhere near as bad as it was.

Prior to removing the tooth, I suffered with this condition for four years and the only relief I found was from a generic brand of antihistamine called Lorastyne. I found this antihistamine to be slower to act but it’s affects would last longer. It also did not make me drowsy like other brands. I would take one tablet every second day as opposed to one every day from other brands.

The other thing I did was to keep a pack of unscented baby wipes in the fridge. I would take one out and hold it over the area of skin that was burning. This was soothing and reduced inflammation from scratching.

Show your doctors and dentists all these posts. We cannot all be crazy!

In the meantime, find an antihistamine that suits you and place cold baby wipes over the area that is begging for a scratch. This will help. Good luck!

Dec 08, 2017
Itch After Root Canal
by: Anonymous

I had the first half of a root canal two weeks ago and going in to finish the root canal this week. I developed severe itching shoulders and arms since then. They burn and itch so bad. They are welts and also little pimples but the welts do not go away. I feel like I am going crazy.

I have eliminated everything I have done and the only thing different was the root canal. It is some allergic reaction to something and it is not going away. I found this site and cannot believe people are experiencing the same condition. I cannot put any type of lotion or cream on it because it gets worse. I wash and soak my arms in a cool tub. That is the only thing that helps. Ice does too but I cannot even go out.

I am going out to see a doctor today who already thinks I am crazy. I had burning sores and severe itching on my scalp and the doctors thought it was psychological until they found out I had shingles.

Dec 07, 2017
Hives and Swollen Lip after Root Canal
by: Anonymous

I recently had a root canal done on my lower right molar and was put on antibiotics for seven days then Ibuprofen (800mg) for another seven days because the pain would not go away. I suddenly developed itchy hands and feet, then I started getting hives and rashes on my arms, abdomen, inner thigh and legs. At one point, I had a swollen toe and lip. I took Benadryl and the hives and itchiness subsided. Benadryl made me drowsy so now I am taking Zyrtec. My wife found this site which makes me concerned because I had a root canal before and never experienced this before.

After three weeks, my root canal hives are still here and it looks like mosquito bites. I washed all my comforters and I watch what I eat. After I read all these comments, I believe the hives stem from the root canal. It has been three weeks and it has been like hell. At one point, I had to place ice on areas that itched the most and then the swelling went down.

The dentist did not place in the post and crown yet. Should I go somewhere else or finish with the same dentist? They said it is not from the root canal and to go to an allergy specialist. I am now going to get blood work done and see the specialist. Am I wasting my time? I am currently having to take time off work. Any advice would be helpful if not I will rip this baby out myself if the itching does not stop. This is so annoying and miserable.

Dec 06, 2017
Leg Rash after Tooth Filling and Dental Mesh
by: MaryLu

This is seriously so much help. I had a broken tooth and the dentist put some sort of mesh in my tooth along with the filling. Four days later I developed this rash on my legs and for the past year, I have been dealing with this.

I already made an appointment with another dentist to discuss the possibility of the filling being the cause of my rash. If that is the case I would be the happiest person ever.

I thank everyone who has shared their story.

Nov 15, 2017
Bad Itching Since Amalgam Filling
by: Anonymous

My son has sensitive skin. The day he had his amalgam filling he asked me to call the dentist to find out what they used. The rash/itching and bumps are still bad. Coincidentally, I spoke to a friend today that told me about a natural healer in MN. When I looked on his site there was a testimonial about itchy skin clearing up and part of the protocall was to remove amalgam fillings.

Nov 07, 2017
Same Symptoms after Dental Surgery
by: Anonymous

So glad I found this page! My son (4 years old) just went in Friday morning for dental surgery. He had four teeth pulled and eight crowns put in.
The first symptoms he experienced were fever and a rash on his body. I took him to emergency room and they said it was probably an allergic reaction to the Tylenol with codeine. They told me to stop giving him that and start him on Benadryl. I did what they instructed and then I noticed more red bumps and the rash had gotten worse. At that time it was not itching but I was still very concerned.

I took him to his doctor who said it was hand-foot-mouth disease causing the rash and prescribed an antibiotic. He seemed just fine today and then a really bad rash appeared on his face! It is very red and hot like a sunburn and was itching and hurting. I gave him Benadryl and it did subside for now. However, I have had my suspicions about it being something to do with the dental work. He's never had this before and after the surgery we cannot get it to go away for good. I am not sure how much more my little guy can handle this.

Oct 29, 2017
Hives after Root Canal
by: Anonymous

I visited the dentist two days ago and had a root canal. The temporary white composite kept crumbling and today I woke up with a rash (non itchy) on my abdomen. I am mildly allergic to polymers, metals, berries, and citrus and mentioned this to the dentist before the procedure. Initially I thought it could be a side-effect from the anesthetic injection, but with your comments, I now think it is most likely the white filling substance. I am going back tomorrow so I will mention it to my dentist. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Sep 28, 2017
Chronic Urticaria from Root Canal
by: Anonymous

I started itching all over my body and I got hives a couple of years back. It happened a few weeks after a root canal. I went to the dentist and he said nothing was wrong with the procedure and it may have been the antibiotic that was causing the hives. He tested to see if there was any infection in the root canal and ensured me that it was clear.

Since then from 2015, I am living a very horrible life. I have tried all types of antihistamines, steroids, and strict food control, but nothing has helped me.

After reading many peoples suggestions, I am planning to removed the root canal and a few fillings to see if this will be the cure. Chronic Urticaria is a kind of disease will isolate you from the other people.

Jul 26, 2017
Suffered for Years
by: Phai

I had a post put in around 10 years ago. After that I began getting this rash on my face that was itchy and round and almost had the appearance of ringworm. I went to the dermatologist and was diagnosed with discoid lupus and he gave me a steroidal cream. It only helped temporarily. I changed my diet to a vegan diet after researching the cause of discoid lupus. Well that only helped temporarily to. So I figured that maybe I was allergic to hair color that I had applied just before my first outbreak. I stopped coloring but because of my profession as a hair stylist I continued to be exposed to color. I would have random outbreaks of rashes on my elbow and face.

After a few years of this off and on as I followed a pretty healthy diet and exercised, I quit working as a cosmetologist two years ago. I would still have a break out every now and again. At times I felt I was sensitive to perfumes. So I cut those out and fashion jewelry, because every now and then I would get burning and itchy rashes on my ear. Oh and soon after the post was implanted, I was no longer able to wear my glasses without breaking out in itchy rashes on my nose where the nose pads rested. So I stopped wearing eyeglasses long ago.

Until this year, the rashes became more frequent and in places that it never occurred before. This happened shortly after the build around my post broke down exposing the post. I did not mention before that after getting the post implanted and the build for the crown done, I never went back to that dentist due to his unsanitary practices and I never had the crown placed over. Thankfully I did not, because just a couple of months ago, I went to my dentist and ask him to remove it. I had all my amalgam fillings removed two years ago by this new dentist, hoping that would resolve the problem. But the post that was put in many years before I completely forgot about until the build started to break down and exposing it where I could feel it. I started to feel better shortly after. I regained more mental clarity, excess weight has begun shedding effortlessly, and most importantly I only had one slight rash right after but it went away quickly.

So my take on all of this is that, I was allergic to at least one metal and that caused metal poisoning (metals leeching into the bloodstream) which caused my skin to become hypersensitive to all sorts of things. So as long as I kept that post and amalgams in, I would be sensitive for the rest of my life to just about everything I exposed my skin or mouth to that reacts to metal, including citrus fruits. That is what I have learned from my research. And now my mom is experiencing the same skin rashes and I asked if she had any crowns and she said yes. So there you have it. Not all people are sensitive to the metals in their mouth but many are and it could be hereditary. After having it removed they asked if I wanted an implant I declined and told them why I will not be getting any more metals implanted in my mouth.

I hope this helps someone who is suffering with this awful condition. There is more to my story but I tried to condense it as much as possible.

Jul 08, 2017
Follow up to Root Canal Extraction
by: Victoria

I just wanted to provide an update of where I have been with this over the past year and a half. I posted in 2016 on this forum. It's July 2017 now and I have been taking chlorella and activated charcoal - both to attract and remove any of the mercury and/or bacteria that may have entered my system during the extraction. I also alternate with Amazing Grass Green Superfood. Additionally, I took a Byron White Formula called BT Detox under the guidance of a health practitioner. Similar to another post, I also have experienced allergic reactions to paper and cardboard. I was taking chromium and a protein drink that had additional chromium and I suddenly became allergic to that too. The chromium can really irritate it and in the two years prior I did not have any issues. I also bought a Dyson handheld vacuum, which makes it easy to vacuum the carpet and the floors every other day to keep the spore population down. I have lived in this house for over 25 years and I never had this problem until the dental procedure. The supplements are available online and some are available at a large chain health food store. I hope this helps!

Jun 09, 2017
Hives Around the Time of the Root Canal Procedure

It has been around three months with hives. I just came back from a doctor because of the rash that I have been controlling with Benadryl. She asked me if I had surgeries recently and I said no but when I got home I found the receipt from my dentist from around three months ago. I had three visits overall and had a root canal procedure.

Apr 12, 2017
In response to poster Anon 12th April
by: Lidia

I had the tooth that caused my hives removed and like magic, the hives went away. This was after taking an antihistamine everyday for years and being told by every professional that it was not related to dental work.

However, I have recently had a screw fitted so that I can have an implant where that bottom molar used to be and sure enough, my skin is itchy again. Nowhere near the severity as previously though but it is somewhat itchy.
Good luck!

Apr 12, 2017
A Fellow Sufferer
by: Anonymous

I had a root canal and it was uneventful. A few months later, I had the tooth prepared for a permanent crown and a few days later I broke out in small, itchy spots on my torso, not a rash but individual bumps that looked like insect bites. I immediately called my dentist who said it was not related. I saw my dermatologist who thought it was insect bites but it was not. After seeing two dermatologists and one allergist and having three biopsies, and blood work, they think it is systemic autoimmune hives. None of them think it is related to the dental work.

I am 70 years old and have never had allergies or hives. I have had dental work done before but have not needed any dental work recently until the new crown. I have been miserable for the past five months, taking Allegra four times a day or other OTC antihistamines and prescriptions but nothing helps. Has anyone had this reaction with a crown and had the tooth removed and recovered? It is a molar and would not show. Thank you for sharing any advice or tips.

This is the first site where I have seen others with similar symptoms and it is so helpful.

Apr 07, 2017
Follow Up - Hives and Breakout after Dental Work
by: J. Moore

April 7th and here is where I am at. Since the last post where I had the bad root canal, I have had a back tooth pulled on the same side and upper wisdom tooth opposite side extracted.
My faced cleared up for about one week and came back with a break out. The bumps always seem to start at back of jawline near the lymph nodes and move forward. The break out is on both sides and occur in a matter of days.

The dermatologist thought it was an allergic reaction to the Novocaine and put me on Doxolin for 10 days and a topical strong face steroid for 10 days called triamcinolone acetonide. She asked me not to shave while on it so I grew a beard. Two days before completing the stuff, I could feel this sunburn feeling on my skin again and it all started over. I am beside myself.

I went to an allergist, who was a total joke. He said nothing I did not already know and did no tests on me. It was a big waste of money.

These bumps never have anything in them except a bit of clear fluid and one did sting and actually had blood come out of it.

PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS FOUND A SOLUTION I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IT. THE ONLY THING THAT TOTALLY TAKES IT AWAY IS PREDINZONE, THE 5 DAY DOSE. However, I cannot take that for life, because it is just masking the problems. I have been to doctors five times, the dermatologist once, an allergist once, and still NO answers. I have another allergist that I am scheduled with who has high ratings across the board and maybe can provide an answer!

Mar 19, 2017
Rash after Dental Procedure
by: Anonymous

I too am having severe itching and rashes on my chin, face and chest. I had a root canal that did not go so well, and I had to see an endodontist because of tooth calcification. I had taken antibiotics before but I have never been allergic to them but thought maybe that was it. I tried everything. It is horrible. My chin feels like leather. I am going to try suggestions discussed on this page. Thanks for your input.

Mar 09, 2017
Dental Rash
by: Chris

After having a molar pulled involving injections for pain, I felt my face get really warm. I thought it was from the "palette" injection that was horribly painful. Upon looking in the mirror at the dentist's office my face was red, like a bad sunburn. By that evening my face developed little red bumps (not typical pimples at all) mostly on my cheeks and under my eyes.

Up until that extraction my skin was always clear. I am an adult female with no acne. I am convinced it was the anesthetic that was used. My dentist gave me an outside shot (which I never had a problem with) and sent me downstairs to another dentist to do the extraction. He gave me the palette (roof of the mouth) injection. After reading the posts, I have to think most of these people got a local shot for pain.

It is now three weeks later and my skin is no better. The skin doctor is not sure either, but gave me topical steroid cream, which does not seem to help. I am really depressed as I have never had a skin problem until now, and makeup is not helping.

Feb 18, 2017
Jawline and Cheek Hives and Acne after Root Canal
by: J. Moore

I am starting to feel better after reading these posts. This past summer I had a bottom molar (#19) filled for the second time. It had a silver filling that came out and the dentist put a white filling back in its place. This procedure started the whole itching thing, but no hives.

I went back to dentist with continual pain a month later and he told me a root canal was necessary. So, after the root canal and crown, I was still itching from head to toe. I still had pain and an x-ray revealed that the dentist missed a nerve. I then go to another dentist who has to give me extra numbing agents because after one dose I can still feel the tooth. He drills through the crown, does the retreatment, and then sends me home. This is when I continue to itch, but now I am starting to show skin hives or what appears to be like watery pimples that hurt and itch like crazy, only after going back to primary dentist to have a permanent white filling put in the crown.

Now my face is worse than ever and no answers. Doctors and dentists say no the skin condition is no way related to the dental procedures. However, I know for a fact it is and steroids and a round of antibiotics calmed it down but the second that they were done it is back. This is jawline acne or hives or whatever you want to call it and it is now on my cheeks and was bad enough that doctors thought maybe it was shingles, but it crossed the dermal line so they said no. I never had acne as a kid and now at 48-years-old I am dealing with dentists and doctors that do not even know the products they are putting into people. My fault for not researching.

I forgot to mention my wife had a root canal around same time and although no hives have started, a chin problem with the same type of clear fluid began and she had a retreatment procedure by another dentist and is dealing with pain and pressure under the tooth.

I will repost after an oral surgeon visit in three days in which we will discuss about removing the tooth.

Feb 04, 2017
Wood as the Cause
by: Melissa

Anyone ever consider the wood/pulp implant in the root canal? This may be the key for the guy who says he is also bothered by cardboard and wood being the common denominator .

Jan 14, 2017
Itching and Hives Stopped After Tooth Removed
by: Lidia

I have posted earlier about hives after a root canal. I have since had that tooth removed and the hives are gone. I can't believe I suffered for so many years and every dentist I visited told me it's near impossible that my symptoms were related to my tooth. How wrong were they?

Jan 13, 2017
Root Canal and HIves
by: Michael

I have been looking for others who have this problem. I have no allergies. On Dec 12th 2016, I had a root canal right hand side upper 3rd tooth from the back. I don't think my dentist knew what he was doing? He had very small files cleaning out the canals? This was very painful and he gave me extra shots to calm the nerves down. The last canal he filed in, had me jump right off the chair. This lasted 2 1/2 hours. Three days later I had full blown hives and I am still fighting them four weeks later. They keep getting worse. I have had four steroid shots, 1 per week, 4 scripts of Prednisone, Zyrtec, and Benadryl. It keeps coming back and all the steroids and other medications are starting not to work. I am going to have the tooth taken out. My dentist claims the tooth is not the problem. We will see what happens after the tooth is out.

Oct 11, 2016
Extreme Itching Possibly from Root Canal
by: Angie

I had a retreatment of a root canal and two days later, I started to itch from head to toe! The dentist thought it was the antibiotic, so we stopped it, started another, but still itching. Two weeks later, I'm itching terribly all over my body and I have never had allergies to antibiotics. My dentist prescribed Prednisone pack. During the pack treatment, my symptoms got much worse, so I stopped taking it because it made my heart race, I couldn't sleep and I was itching more.

Three weeks later I'm still itching. I went to the emergency room because I could not stand it anymore and they thought it was scabies. Seriously? I tried the treatment, what did I have to loose, did it three times, washed everything in the house. However, nothing had changed. I'm itching terribly and its hell! What to do? My skin will be gone from scratching it so much and it's so painful! It has to be from the dental procedure, my face, arms, abdomen, legs, hands, and everything itches! Someone help!

Jun 28, 2016
Itch and Hives After Root Canal Extraction
by: Victoria

I'm so glad I found this site. Wow - so many people out there with this issue. Mine started after I had an extremely infected root canal tooth extracted. There was no saving it and I have not replaced it with an implant. The infection was really bad so I was on antibiotics after the extraction for two weeks and then I broke out in hives on my chest and neck. I thought it might have been an allergy to a necklace I wore but it was really bad and hot and stinging and the skin was almost like welts. I went to the dermatologist and he gave me some cream and told me to go on antihistamines. The rash/hives subsided but they are back again and on my arms too. I am starting to believe that whatever that nasty infection was made its way into my body - I just don't know. I am going to see if a naturopath can recommend something - maybe even a Byron White Formula for bacteria. I'll check back on this site.

The tooth was extracted in December of 2015 and it's June of 2016 so it's time to get this taken care of.

Jun 27, 2016
by: Russell Gibson

I just cannot completely get rid of the hives even though a few times I thought they were gone. Nothing and not one doctor can help me. I do get some relief with Prednisone but cannot live on that Benadryl which I am taking like candy.

I had the hives on two seperate occasions after dental work. The dentist just will not admit that what they do can be at fault. It can be bacteria or the chemicals used in the plastic fillings. What it is, I do not know BUT FOR SURE IT WAS THE DENTAL WORK. Do not let them tell you any different. Within three days after they do what they did I got hives all over and I am one pissed of fellow and it cost me over five thousand dollars.

Maybe if every dentist experienced hives for eight months they would agree that what they use can cause hives. My dentist is a very nice person but that does not make the hives go away. My heart breaks when I see all the folks going through this because of a dental visit. If you never had hives you just would not understand the

I did get rid of them the first time eight years back but not this time and that took me two years.

Jun 14, 2016
Itchy Rash Around Mouth
by: Angie

I had two root canals and the next day I had a red itchy rash around my mouth that seeps. I tried antibiotics and creams but it didn't help for long because it came back. I believe it is the chemicals they use when inserting a crown. Never ever did I have any issues before my dental work. My family can see how bad it is and it looks like my skin got burned. The itching is so awful and uncomfortable, not to mention embarrassing. I have tried everything. Now I have to live with this.

May 29, 2016
Itchy and Scratchy
by: Lidia

A few years ago I had a partial root canal done. Within two months my skin had become extremely itchy and I was diagnosed with hives. If I scratched my skin it would welt up. It would get so itchy that I would have to use a hair brush to scratch it. The only way to stop it was to take an antihistamine everyday.

Last year the filling broke away from my tooth and I noticed that the itching stopped. I went back to the dentist and replaced the filling and sure enough, the itching has returned.

It is most definately related to the dental work. I am due to see the dentist next week to discuss other options.

May 14, 2016
Rash after Dental Work
by: Doug

I had a rash for about 1 year and 4 months. I tried a lot of thing to get rid of it, including not drinking soda, using different laundry soap, etc. I went to a dermatologist and he said perivascular dermatitis but did not know what the cause was. With the use of some prescription drugs and creams, I was able to keep the rash at bay.

I lost a filling from my tooth and went to my dentist and got it filled again. We were discussing how long it had been from my last visit. It was 1 year and 4 months. I did not think much of it but after 3 days I have the rash on my torso, legs, and neck again and spreading. I am going this week to see if she will try some other type of filling. I have the white composite now, may go back to silver.

Jan 04, 2016
Hives from White Composite Dental Fillings
by: Russell Gibson

My opinion is that the white plastic and whatever the dentist uses with it can definitely cause hives on some people. For a dentist to say no it cannot happen is wrong. Once someone gets this poison into their system, it is almost impossible if one is allergic to it to find relief.

In all honesty, our government should be doing some type of testing of dental fillings used by dentists. Until a politician gets hives from a dental visit, this will not happen. Shameful. Hives destroy a person's life. Only those that have hives understand the grief. Myself when I had the silver fillings, I had no problems. But I did make the mistake by getting the white composite fillings two years apart and I got hives both times within 3 or 4 days. I will never use this again or get a root canal just to play it safe.

Sep 05, 2015
by: Amanda K

Hello to all. I'm currently being treated by asthma/allergy doctor, my primary doctor and a dermatologist for my hives. I started getting them after a barium swallow in January of 2015. The dermatologist has me on three medications which still don't control the hives but he informed me that because I have two teeth that need root canals, it could be a reason why the hives will not go away and I should get them done. They suggested if we can't figure out what a cause is shortly then I should go to a lamb and rice diet only for a week and add one item of food back every 2-3 days. Good luck to all of us on being free of hives.

Aug 15, 2015
It's Happening to Me Too
by: Matt

I went to the dentist yesterday morning and had three fillings put in. I noticed last night that there was a small red itchy spot on my arm and I thought maybe I had touched poison ivy or something. I woke up today and there are large red very itchy spots covering my arms. I've never seen anything like it and I can't imagine what it could be other then the filling in my mouth. I know I was told by the dentist that I have "silver" fillings in my mouth. But when you look at them in the mirror they are more of a hazy gray color and don't look like pure silver. I don't know what kind of reaction I'm having but I do know that I will be going back to the dentist and demanding that he removes the feeling and replaces it with something else.

May 15, 2015

I have had hives on two occasions and I do think they were from the white plastic dental filling that they used on my teeth and whatever else they used with it.

The first time around eight years ago, the white plastic (I think it is a plastic) was put in and around three days later hives appeared all over my body and my face swelled up. I ended up in hospital. I put up with the hives for many months and THEN FINALLY I had the filling removed and around three days later my body started to feel very different. I Sstill had the hives but very very minimal. Then after a few months and a steroid shot they went away.

Well this time it was different. I was STUPID enough to try this filling material again and around three days later had hives all over my body. I then had the fillings removed pretty much right away. Most dentist refuse to think this can happen. Anyway, this time, the hives lingered for 15 weeks after the fillings were removed. I have no answers but SIX DAYS ago I woke up with hives all over my body like they have been for the past 15 weeks coming and going.

This is going to sound crazy but a friend of mine said to rinse my mouth with milk. Another pal of mine said to drink lemon juice I did both things twice. I said to myself this could not help but when you have hives you will try anything. Then around two hours later I went onto the internet researching the milk thing and came upon something about RINSING COCoNUT OIL in your mouth for 15 minutes. I did this around four times plus at the same time I took my last two Steroid pills
(Methylprednisolone) and Zantac (150mg) and one Zyrtec (10mg). Well around 4 or 5 hours later my hives were gone. Why? How? I have no idea. Was it the coconut oil, the pills, the one rinse of milk or lemon juice? I do not know.

I have been hives free going on SIX DAYS I am 99.9% sure that this white plastic and the garbage they use with it caused my grief two times in a row.

I hope my story is able to help someone else.

Jan 01, 2015
Itching After Root Canal Procedure
by: Larry

I started itching after a root canal. I noticed sensitivity in the tooth. I had the dentist check high points and file them down. It helped a lot. I was itching at different spots almost everyday. Lately, I had the dentist file a spot further. It has helped but I may have to do more. My dentist told me if it does not stop he can drill into the crown. I hope the latest fix works. I have worried that some chemical may be in my tooth.

Sep 02, 2014
So Glad I'm Not Alone
by: Christine

First, I'm sorry to hear of your pain, but thank you for sharing. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and because of that, I grind my teeth. In the past four months, I have had to have five root canals and three crowns. All the work is still on going. About five weeks ago, on just my chin, it swelled and turned red when it was rubbed. Then it would subside. It was only my chin. I saw a Dermatologist and he said it could be a form of Dermatographism but it was odd to only be on one part of the body. I told him about all the dental work but he said it wasn't related. I have been on Allegra for three weeks but haven't noticed a difference.

I find it very difficult to believe the two are not related. I have had over 60 shots of Novacaine so far and more to come. This has to be a stress reaction to all that. I'm 50 years old and this is the first time I've had anything like this.

I hope others find solace in reading these posts that, they too, are not alone.

May 10, 2014
Itchy Skin After Dental Work
by: AnonymousAmy

I too have undergone extensive dental work recently - an extraction, root canal, fillings and crowns, and have been suffering from extremely itchy skin. It itches everywhere from my face, neck, chest, torso, legs, and even my scalp. There is no real rash however. At first I thought it was a reaction to the antibiotics I took but the itch didn't start for weeks after I finished the antibiotics but started after the dental work.

Jan 11, 2014
Itching for an Answer
by: Anonymous

Three years ago I began to have root canal therapy on one tooth. Shortly after I developed an itch that became itchier when scratched. At times it would be so severe that I would use a hairbrush. Doctors, dermatologists and even an endocronologist had no answer.

For two years I took an antihistamine each day. Then one day when I was 35 weeks pregnant, more than half of the filling in that tooth cracked and fell out. A few days later I noticed I was no longer itchy! Just like that!

As I had a baby I avoided going back to the dentist to get it fixed. Until last week. The dentist repaired the filling and the next day, the itch was back. The dentist assures me that it's not the filling.

Aug 29, 2013
Dental Procedures and Itchy Skin
by: Rob

I had a pulpectomy procedure on my tooth. During this procedure I started getting itchy skin especially after getting out of the shower. The pulpectomy failed as I got an infection in the tooth and subsequently had to get a root canal. I am taking Loratadine antihistamine and this stops the itching but as soon as I cease taking them it returns after a few days. I have seen a skin specialist but no answers. All I know is that it started literally over night after the tooth was first drilled out and had a temporary packer put in. I had not had any previous itchy skin related problems. I am looking for answers!

Aug 24, 2013
Twelve Year Itch
by: Anonymous

I have had the same issues in life for years, and finally figured it out to be allergy to "Eugenol" numbing medicine used by dentists. Basically it is "Clove Oil".

Mar 30, 2013
My Sister's Skin Condition After Root Canal
by: Anonymous

It looks like my sister is going through the same thing you have been. My sister had a root canal in July and in August she got a weird rash on her abdomen and from there it eventually migrated to other areas of her body (neck and face) and it is super itchy and downright terrible. She has been to several physicians and done all kinds of tests and no one knows what the problem is. I wish there was a good doctor out there that can help.

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