Dermatographism Caused by Damp Spleen

by Mr. Itchy

About three months ago, I did three things that could of caused me to catch dermatographism:

  • I used a lotion bar from Lush and I started itching right away.

  • I got bitten by three insects all in a row on the back of the neck.

  • I went into a swimming pool and came out with hives and rashes.

All of the above three situations happened within a span of three days and so I am not entirely sure how I ended up with dermatographism. I know I have never been in this swimming pool before and it caused rashes right away. I have never had a skin condition like this before and I am now 45 years old and I eat healthy and exercise every day.

I have been treated with acupuncture and I have drank many different types of Chinese teas for heat, wind, and damp and nothing has worked. My acupuncturist says I have a damp spleen and not to eat any raw food, fruits, sugars, and cold drinks but to only eat cooked foods that will warm and dry the spleen. I have had raw foods for years and drank fresh squeezed vegetable juices and wheat grass for many years and Chinese doctors say this has a damping affect on the spleen.

I am trying to find proof of how they know the spleen is damp. What tests have they done and how this spleen issue relates to dermatographism. In Chinese medicine it is so hard to prove things and it just sounds like some fantasy theory based on old fold remedies that have never really been proven.

I am not giving up and will try this cooked food diet. I also live in Hawaii and it is very damp and humid over here and so it could be affecting me. I would be interested to see if there is anyone out there in a dry desert area that has a damp spleen or dermatographism?

Don't even bother with western medicine as regular western doctors and drug companies have no interest in curing anything if there is money to be made from selling drugs that can temporarily fix it so that you come back for more. Then you get worse and worse and need more drugs to fight other problems that have developed.

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