Dermatographism Skin Hives Problem Questions

by Cindy Mann

Hi, a little about myself. I am a 47 year old female that just went through two surgeries (back and foot surgery) all within nine months. I am still on crutches now. I was perfectly healthy before all this happened. I have a lot of questions because I have been reading online about this dermatographism skin condition and it is scaring me.

I guess I will start with what should I stay away from? I have read about changing laundry detergent to unscented and to use hypoallergic dryer sheets. I am suppose to go to the hair dresser this Wednesday to get my hair colored. Can I do this with this skin condition or will it lead to a lot of problems? Showering, I find it very painful. Will that get better in time or will I have to put up with uncomfortable showers for the rest of my life? As for sex, will it cause swelling and itchyness? I also like to have a glass of wine one or two times a week while cooking dinner. Do you have any information on the consequences of that? I am sorry to be asking so many questions but I am really concerned about this dermatographism skin hives problem.

Although at times, you will get itchy and skin redness because of applied pressure to the skin or ingesting something which brings out the rash, you can still lead a normal life and the symptoms can be controlled with antihistamines.

Hairdressers - should not be an issue.
Showering - use moisturizing body washes and ensure the water is warm only, not hot.
Sex - pressure on the skin may cause welts and so there may be some discomfort.
Wine - drinking wine may trigger a non serious rash. It happens to me when I first drink wine but it eventually subsides.

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Nov 11, 2011
by: RICK

I tried several creams, etc. A doctor told me to use ranitidine, the stomach medicine for indigestion combined with an antihistamine. It totally works. I still get the occasional red skin patches but it does relieve the itching.

Sep 30, 2010
Skin Hives and Problem Questions
by: Cindy

I want to thank you for commenting on my question. The answers you have provided and the information that is provided on this healthy skin care website with regards to skin hives and dermatographism is very useful for me in dealing with this skin condition.

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