Dermographism Causes and Treatment

by Sandra
(United States)

Can you elaborate on the causes and treatments for dermographism from your own experience?

There is no one specific cause for this condition and that is why there is no cure. However, with antihistamines the symptoms can be relieved. I would not stay on antihistamines for more than a couple of months continuously. Some dermatologists recommend cycles: two or three weeks on antihistamines and then two or three weeks off. In many causes, eventually the condition disappears or at least subsides or may disappear as suddenly as it arrived. Unfortunately, this many take a few years. Everyone is different.

Infections and subsequent treatment may be a trigger for this condition. Whenever the body is off-balance because of an infection or exposure to an allergen interesting things may develop.

Because this is not a serious life threatening condition one can afford to experiment to see what works. I have experimented with noni juice and found that it worked just as well as the antihistamines. Of course this may not be the right approach for you.

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Nov 18, 2009
I have it! Not the worst thing really.
by: Anonymous

I have had Dermographism since I was a kid (for about 25 years). I have no idea how it happened. The only thing I remember is that one day after bath time all my body was red and covered in welts, but it went away as soon as it came. Sometimes it is annoying when you wear short sleeves and people notice welts on your hand and ask you what is wrong. I don't wear shorts anymore because of all the objects that touch my legs and cause the welts.

Other than that everything is fine and I have also learned not to put pressure on my face or neck while sitting. I chose not to take medicine because I don't like the drowsy feeling allergy medications give me. It is not a terrible disease and with some adaptation you can definitely live a normal life.

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