Raised Red Skin Rash

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Itchiness on Legs

It has been 2-3 months suffering from a raised red skin rash. I have been suffering from itchiness on my legs, particularly the lower legs. It leaves markings/blemishes after a few days of scratching. The itchiness comes and goes and now my legs look horrible! Can someone tell me what this is?


Raised Red Skin Rash

I remember when I first got this raised red skin rash in the 6th grade. I had no idea that you can get this out of nowhere and I thought that it was something you were born with. But yeah, it's been tough at times but I have learned to accept it and just try to avoid getting scratched. I would have to say that I have done a pretty decent job of it. I am thankful that it is something that I do have partial control over.

I still do not understand why I got this raised red skin rash condition in the 6th grade, of all times. It is as if I was just living a normal life and then 'poof' this thing comes in out of nowhere. Oh well, I should be thankful that it is not life-threatening, I am sure there are plenty of people out there who have it worse.

I have never had an itching problem when it came to my dermographism. Usually, I'll accidentally scratch my skin, a bump will show up a minute later, and around 10-15 minutes later it disappears. And it was not itchy either.

Just yesterday though, I randomly broke out in what appears to be hives, from the images I have seen online. This has only happened to me once before, in the 9th grade. At that time I woke up, found all these red spots on my body, and I panicked, because I know it wasn't caused by my scratching. It went away after a day or two and I thought I had seen the last of it. Apparently not. They say it could be some form of allergy, but I have no idea what. Everything I have eaten, I have eaten before without problems. Could this be related to the dermographism I have? And it is weird too, because it does not itch for the most part, yet everywhere I have searched online says it does. Well, they said for the most part hives do itch, so I am probably an exception.

The only thing that concerns me is going to school with this. I had to show up to class in long-sleeves, because I'd hate for people to see my arms all covered in the raised red skin rash.



My name is Jun Mark M. Jalipa. I am 16 year old. I live in the Philippines. It is hard for me to speak English.

At first, I did not know why I could write on my skin until I read the book "Physical Signs and General Medicines". There I saw images like what was occurring with my skin and I remember it being called "dermographism". I did not think about it much because I have almost lived with this raised red rash condition my whole life, so I just enjoy living life even with dermographism.

That is all and thank you for your web site so I can share my experience.

Jun Mark

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