Dermographism Treatment Questions

by Jeremy
(New Beford, Massachusetts)

I am having my first flare up of this and the doctor diagnosed it as dermographism. Is this something that comes and goes, does it get worse with time, sometimes go away totally, etc? Do lotions help, vitamins? The slightest rubbing or scratching causes a reaction. I am a woodworker and this poses a huge problem. Thanks so much!

In most cases dermographism does not come and go although in my case it tends to subside for the most part in the summer months and return in the winter months (perhaps related to skin dryness). I have not heard too many stories about it getting worse with time, but many cases where it has stayed the same for many years. Dermographism does subside or disappear completely with time for some people, but how much time varies considerably from person to person. It may take many years.

Antihistamines are the normal remedy to control the symptoms. A doctor will prescribe one or two antihistamines and experiment with dosages and different antihistamines until your symptoms are controlled. Natural antihistamines are an option for those who would like to try a natural alternative to prescribed medication, but your results with these can be quite variable. There are also some other non-antihistamine treatment methods that might be worth a try and more information can be found at this page.

Anti-itch lotions may help with the itching, but will not cure the problem.

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Jan 19, 2010
My Experience with Dermographism
by: Anonymous

My mother had dermographism for 20 years. I now have it and have had it for 11 years. I take otc generic Claritin (1 pill e/o day unless needed more often but the e/o day usually works). As for severity from when it first started and now, it is about the same. However, when I was pregnant with my daughter I had no symptons or flare ups but as soon as I had her they started back up again.

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