Does Dermographism Skin Condition Go Away?

by Todd
(Cypress, TX)

The dermatographism treatment page of this website says that this skin condition usually goes away eventually. I am 31 and have had to deal with this for almost 8 years now. I really haven't tried to take any medications to treat it because it is too much trouble to take medications every day and it is too expensive. I also haven't been diagnosed with this, but I'm pretty sure this is what I have. I was wondering if I can expect this to go away in the next few years or will I have to live with this forever? It's really embarrassing to have to constantly explain why I have welts on my skin when I accidentally scratch.

I understand your situation completely. I have had it for 7 years. It was very bad a few years ago, but now it is very mild. I take no medication right now. Either it is slowly going away or I now have only a mild version. There is no guarantee that dermographism will go away. Some have to deal with it all there lives. For other people, it goes away and comes back later in life. However, generally it takes many years for it to go away if it does.

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Feb 05, 2011
by: Melissa

I've had it for about 9 years now. I believe it was triggered by the antibiotics I was taking for an infection. Over the years it has gotten mild and severe. For several years I had a minimal reaction to scratching. Now it's back to a more severe response. I take Loratadine to manage the itching. At one time a doctor prescribed me Doxapin (for hives) for it and the itching and welts stopped developing but the redness remained. You might see if that will help you. It does cause drowsiness which is why it's supposed to be taken at bedtime. But, it's a once a day pill and may make your life more comfortable.

Don't worry about the redness. It's a part of you and you have nothing to be embarrassed or uncomfortable about. If someone is curious, let them ask.

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