Dry Skin Prevention Tips

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Dry skin prevention is the one of the best treatments for dry skin. Dry skin cannot always be prevented because of the many causes, but where possible, why not take steps to prevent dry skin from occurring. Below are some dry skin prevention tips.

Dry Skin Prevention Tips when Bathing

  • take no more than one shower or bath daily
  • avoid long bathing times (around 10 minutes is best)
  • baths are kinder to the skin that showers, especially when mild unscented bath oils are used
  • reduce the frequency of bathing/showering, especially in the winter months
  • avoid hot water, use only warm water for dry skin avoidance
  • use a soap with a high fat content or contains glycerin or is a mild unscented moisturizing soap (e.g. Dove or Cetaphil)
  • avoid the use of strong anti-bacterial and/or deodorant soaps or bubble baths
  • some people will have to limit the use of any soap as much as possible because of extra skin sensitivity
  • avoid scrubbing with pads, mitts, or face cloths and pat dry the skin instead of rubbing with a towel
  • after shower apply moisturizer with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or glycerin or petrolatum while the skin is still wet because moisturizers work better on moist skin
  • avoid scented moisturizers or lanolin containing ones

Preventing Dry Skin When Outdoors

  • cover exposed skin when whether is cold and windy
  • in very cold weather, if skin is not covered with clothing, petroleum jelly should be used for protection
  • in hot months, use sunscreen with moisturizer to prevent dry skin

Preventing Skin Dryness When Indoors

  • in the cold dry winter months, use a humidifier to raise the relative humidity by a small amount
  • high humidity in a house during the winter, although great for the skin and your plants is not recommended for your house (see the chart for recommended settings)
  • keep your thermostat at a lower (but comfortable) temperature in the winter months to prevent exposure to a lot of dry heat
  • avoid the use of electric blankets because they generate dry heat
recommended indoor relative humidity with outside temperature to prevent dry skin

Personal Hygiene

  • perfumes and antiperspirants should not be overused
  • apply a moisturizer (with alpha hydroxy acids or glycerine or petrolatum) to the skin during the day as a daily prevention of dry skin technique

Diet and Dry Skin

  • avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption since these have diuretic properties
  • ensure you are taking in enough water (8 glasses of water per day is generally recommended for good health and preventing dry skin)
  • increase omega-3 fatty acids by consuming more cold-water fish, walnuts, and flax seeds or flaxseed oil

In addition to the dry skin prevention tips mentioned above, visit the dry skin causes page for more tips and hints on what can be done to prevent dry skin.

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