Finger Wart

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A finger wart can also be known by a few other terms such as a periungual wart or a subungual wart. It is called a periungual wart when it grows around or beside the nails of the fingers or the toes. It is referred to as a subungual wart when it grows underneath the fingernails or toenails.

Periungual Finger Warts

Periungual warts are elevated rough bumps and have irregular borders around them. These warts lead to peeling and roughening of the skin on the fingers or toes.

Subungual Warts on the Finger

Subungual warts are likely often to cause a distortion in the nail growth if they are left untreated. This distortion of the nail may be permanent if damage to the nail bed has occurred. These warts can lead to a lifting of the nail away from the skin base leading to partial or depending on the extent of the wart problem, maybe even complete nail detachment. Nail discoloration is also a problem with this type of wart. Because this finger wart is underneath the nail, this creates a significant amount of pressure in the affected finger or toe. This pressure results in much discomfort and a considerable pain in most cases.

These warts usually appear on individuals that constantly have the habit of biting their nails or pick at hangnails. These habits break the skin’s surface, allow the wart virus to enter the skin, and lead to the growth of a wart on the finger. These habits also promote the spreading of the warts. Usually, periungual warts appear in multiples. Infections can also occur and this leads to pain, discomfort, and wart complications.

Warts around and especially under the fingernails or toenails are extremely difficult to treat properly when compared to other types of warts that can occur. Warts around the fingernails or toenails can possibly be treated with remedies such as cryotherapy, salicylic acid, or laser therapy. For those warts underneath the nails, traditional wart treatments are very often ineffective in most cases because there is poor access to the warts because they are well protected by the nail. For example, the liquid nitrogen in the cryotherapy treatment cannot get underneath the nail and may damage the nail if applied. The same is true for salicylic acid treatments. Effective reatment of this type of wart on the finger is definitely a challenge.

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