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Hair elimination from the skin of certain areas of the body is an important procedure for many individuals. Whether it is to enhance the beauty of the individual or for personal hygiene reasons, hair removal and hair inhibition is very popular.

There are several ways to achieve the goal of hair elimination on the face or other body parts. The products on this page have been shown to be very effective in achieving the goal of unwanted hair removal.

E Pad Permanent Hair Elimination

The Verseo ePad uses the same technology used by professionals in salons and spas. EPad treats large areas by with our adhesive pads... all in just one treatment. Using sophisticated galvanic technology, the ePad transmits special current to the root of the hair and prevents the hair from ever growing back. The Verseo ePad has been clinically tested and proven safe for permanent and painless hair removal. Free Shipping

Verseo Portable Hair Remover

This hand held hair remover safely eliminates hair instantly and gently from below the surface of the skin. No nicks or cuts and it does not require the use of any cold, messy creams. When switched on, the motor rotates the specially designed curved rubber roller. The roller contains many small slits that quickly grasp and remove the hair as it rotates along the skin. The roller is made from soft gentle rubber and therefore will not pinch or hurt the skin. Built in magnifying glass with special light allows user to identify even the finest hairs as they are being removed.

ePen Professional

Verseo ePen home electrolysis system permanently removes unwanted hair without pain, without needles.

Verseo ePen hair removal system

Verseo Duet 2-in-1 Epilator & Shaver

The new patented 2-in-1 Verseo DUET is the only hair removal system that features both Epilator and Shaver in one. With your new Verseo DUET you can quickly and effectively remove hair from the root. The Verseo DUET removes hair from your arms, legs, and other large surface areas of your body. The innovative and patented epilating head grasps even the shortest hairs leaving skin silky smooth for up to 4-6 weeks, and when the hair grows back it will grow finer and thinner. The two-speed option allows the user to choose desired speed for most efficient hair removal.

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