Hives Treatment or Natural Cure for Hives

by John
(New York)

I am looking for a hives treatment or a natural cure for hives. I was diagnosed with dermatographism about two years ago. At first I did not know why my skin was always itchy, especially on the torso area. I never noticed the hives or welts until one day after I had been unnoticeably scratching my back, I took off my shirt and noticed the huge raised lines on my skin. It was interesting at first, but then I noticed that pressure, even small amounts of it, on my skin would cause the welts or raised skin hives anywhere on my body. The raised skin patches would generally only last around 15 minutes, but they would be very itchy and unsightly, especially in the facial region.

I self diagnosed myself but decided to go to a dermatologist to get a hives treatment or cure. The dermatologist told me there was no cure for these hives and I was prescribed antihistamines. They generally work okay, but I am looking for options for a natural hives treatment or a natural cure for hives that I can try. Being on antihistamines is expensive and a concern, especially if I am to stay on this medication for many years to come. Any suggestions?

I can relate to your concern about being on antihistamines for a long period of time as they have side-effects as do other medications. Fortunately, my dermatographism is fairly mild now and I do not need any antihistamines to get through the day comfortably. However, when I was taking antihistamines regularly, I was always on the lookout for natural ways to either control the symptoms of dermatographism or cure the hives completely. I tried Noni juice and I think it may have helped but I am not completely sure since it was not really a controlled scientific type study.

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