Itchy Skin Hives After Scratching Lightly

by David
(Peterborough, NH)

About two months ago, I started getting really itchy especially my feet, legs, back, and torso.

After about a month, one morning after my coffee, I got itchy on my back, and it turned to hives after scratching lightly.

Over the course of the last month, it has progressed from intermittent, to off and on all day. I have tried eliminating different food groups, but nothing seems to eliminate it. It does seem to be exacerbated by beer and wine to some degree, but doesn't go away when I stop consuming these.

I get lumpy bumpy hives on my rear and legs and mostly lighter bumps on my back and torso. If I scratch at all, they appear. On my back and torso, you will see the lines from my fingers in red and sometimes it's bumpy just in those red lines.

I work a lot and I am constantly studying, reading, etc. I'm trying to cut down on hours, and relaxing more. I'm hoping this helps.

Although this stinks, I know others have worse conditions, so I'm counting my blessings, and I am sure this can be reversed. I feel that I've brought this skin condition on by stress, and so I'm trying to reverse that.

One more thing that may be related. I fell off my mountain bike about two months ago and smacked my patella tendon very badly. It's still messed up, with extra bone growth under it. I'm going to see an ortho doctor for that soon. I often wonder if the trauma from this, combined with life stress are the factors? Oh well, good luck to all with this. I would advise anyone to look at your life and all the stress related issues, fix those, and stick to it. Perhaps over time, this will help and that is the route I am trying.

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