Loss of Spleen and Skin Hives

by Anonymous

I had psoriasis on my scalp develop 11 years ago only when I was going through a very stressful divorce from a type of character like Jack Nicholson in the shinning. There were no signs or symptoms of the skin writing disease or dermatographism at that time. Then, two and a half years ago, I was in a catastrophic accident, where a semi hit my little car head-on. The doctors told me several days later that they did not expect me to make it. I am grateful they put the effort in to keep me alive. I tore my aorta top and bottom, collapsed both lungs and tore one, and broke all of my ribs on the left side from front to back. I also suffered multiple fractures that shattered my left leg just below the knee. The doctors put a plate and screws in my left hand and cut me from my chest to my waist to take out my spleen and mop up my kidneys and liver which pretty much imploded all my vitals. In addition, I also tore my shoulder rotator cuff.

After a while, the plate and screws in my hand did not sit well and a year later I went into the hospital to take them out. Just after this procedure, I developed what has been diagnosed as dermatographism. This skin condition was very unnerving and affected me from head to toe. I did not even have to scratch because just one swipe of the skin and it became swollen with skin hives where I touched the skin. All areas of my body were affected, from arms, legs, and abdomen, to nipples, eye lids, and between my toes. This dermatographism skin condition started after the surgery to remove the plate and screws from my hand but went away after a few months.

Next I required more corrective surgery from the accident I had six months ago. After the surgery the dermatographism skin condition started again and has not gone away since.

I did search the internet for information about under active thyroid and compromised immune system leaving me to think that this may be related to the loss of my spleen.

Any guidance or documentation that can be provided by other dermographism suffers would be greatly appreciated.

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