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A lotion for itchy skin can be used to help relieve the hives itch symptoms of dermatographism. The experiences of various individuals using different skin lotions for itchy skin are presented below.

Calamine Lotion for Itchy Skin Dermographism

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by Brandon (California)

Its so weird! I think I have dermographism because when I scratch an itch, it becomes unbearable and marks start appearing on my skin and a rash forms around the area. Also when I scratch an area, my whole body starts to itch! Sometimes I am not that itchy for a couple days but then the itchiness comes back and I hate it. I am also in football and it sucks because we hit in pads and when I hit I start getting itchy immediately.

So that is my dermographism story. I have been itchy for two months now and want it to be gone. I also use Top Care Calamine lotion for itchy skin. It helps a bit when your skin is itchy. When you put this lotion on your skin, you will still feel the itchiness but the skin lotion makes the itch last for only a few seconds at a time and the skin lotion works for about 6 hours at a time.

Unscented Baby Lotion for Itchy Skin

by Erica (Brooklyn)

I am 20 years old and a stressed out college student from New York City, so I guess it is no wonder I developed this skin condition since it seems to be tied to stress. I started noticing the persistent itching during this summer (2010), and I especially notice it late at night, usually when I was up studying for various exams or completing last minute papers. Thankfully, my episodes are not too frequent at all and I can really tell that they are tied to stress and lack of sleep. Unscented baby skin lotion almost always helps curb the itching for a while as well. The best treatment I can recommend is the baby lotion and antihistamines allergy medicine like Benadryl, though you may need something stronger depending on the persistence of the episode. I say allergy medicine because the itching and welts for which dermographism is named is a result of over sensitive mast cells (immune system cells) which release histamine, which cause the swelling in the capillaries, etc. Warm showers help me as well.

Dead Sea Cucumber and Melon Body Lotion

by Carla (Panama City, Florida)

I too have been experiencing the same problems and found that SEACRET from the dead sea Cucumber and Melon body lotion for itchy skin really helps a lot. My husband bought this product from a vendor in our local mall. I couldn't believe that it worked (almost instantly), but it did.

Skin Itch Lotions or Creams to Treat Dermographism

by Rosemary (Metairie, Louisiana)

My dermatographism started in October 2008 to the present. The only thing I can think back to is in March 2008 I had surgery and I was under a lot of stress with a new job. I took a lot of antibiotics after the surgery. In October 2008 I had my very first pedicure and could have got the bacterial infection from there. With all the stories I read from this site, it could have been any of these situations that caused my dermographism.

I have tried all creams, antibiotics, and steroids. I had been using XYZAL but the 5mg is not enough because I still itched. I currently use Hydroxyzine 25mg 3 pills 3 times a day and I want to get off of them because it is not curing the problem. It can't be healthy taking all this medication. I also used the clear Calamine lotion for itchy skin and it does help with the itching. It is almost like a coat on your skin. I also use Sarna skin lotion to help provide some the temporary relief from the itch.

I just started using African black soap which can be found on the internet or whole foods stores. It does give me relief. It is almost like it cleanses my skin from any bacteria. I have another lotion I am going to try called Cutivate. It is generic Fluticasone Prop. Cream (0.05%). I am glad to see I am not crazy in thinking why can't anyone cure me. To all the people who think you are crazy and tell you to stop scratching tell them to read all our blogs and realize this is a real condition. After using the new cream I will let you know how it goes.

By: Geri

I have dermographism and I am currently on a treatment with Ebastine + Celestone (betametasone)+ Hidroxizina. It does make all the symptoms go away, it is a 20 day treatment, and I am also seeing a psychotherapist. I know what may have started my condition was a lot of stress and I decided to go to the root of the problem to try to relax and see if the condition will disappear.

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