Male Hair Removal

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Male hair removal is a growing trend worldwide. Men nowadays are not content with letting facial or body hair grow wildly. Instead, smooth and hairless skin or well-trimmed body hair is becoming the norm.

There are many options for hair removal for men. Some of the choices are made due to personal preferences, but the area where the hair removal is taking place also has to be factored into the equation.

Shaving as a Hair Removal Method

Shaving is the usual choice for hair removal. A good quality razor can be used to remove hair on any part of the body. Keep in mind that basic shaving rules need to be respected in order to prevent a shaving rash or ingrown hair. Always shave in the direction of hair growth, especially in sensitive skin areas. 

shaving of chest hair with a razor

Avoid shaving over the same spot repeatedly in sensitive skin areas and use less pressure. Use a good quality razor and properly prepare the skin for shaving. For sensitive areas, a dry safety razor commonly used to prepare the skin for surgery is a good choice. Other options can be hair trimmers or electric razors. Trimmers are excellent for removing ear hair, nose hair, hair in the pubic region, hair on the back of the neck, the side burns, and many other areas.

The one drawback of shaving is that hair in most areas will return in a few days in most parts of the body, although it will take weeks for the amount of hair to return to its original density.

Waxing Hair Removal for Men

Waxing is a hair removal choice for men as well. Waxing removes hair by the roots and keeps the skin hair free for longer than shaving. With repeated waxing, the hair tends to grow back with less density. Areas of hair removal for men using the waxing technique include the back, chest, eyebrows, back of the neck, genital area, legs, toes, knuckles, and bikini lines. Like shaving, waxing can be done in the home, but best waxing results are obtained by going to a salon or spa and not doing it yourself with home waxing kits.

Laser Hair Removal Method

Laser hair removal for men, like it is for women, is a permanent hair removal method. It can be expensive and for some men can result in skin pigmentation problems. Despite this, laser hair removal for men is quite popular. The eyebrows, back, and back of the neck are the usual areas where men request laser hair removal.

Plucking Hair with Tweezers

Tweezers are a simple male hair removal method for men, but this hair removal method is basically limited to removing small quantities of individual hairs. It is cheap and generally used to remove stray hairs in the facial region, eyebrows, toes, and knuckles.

Threading Hair Removal Method for Men

The use of a string to pull hair out from its roots is called threading. Some men use this technique for hair removal, especially in the facial region in areas that are not generally shaved such as the upper cheek area. This is usually performed in a salon or spa.

Electrolysis Male Hair Removal

Electrolysis, which involves using an electric current to kill the hair root, is considered a permanent hair removal method, but results vary from male to male. Although not as popular as shaving and waxing for male hair removal, when it is used, the eyebrows and hairs on the neck and face are the targets for male hair removal.

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