Male Pubic Hair Removal

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Male pubic hair removal is becoming very popular. There are several hair removal methods that can be used by men to eliminate hair in this sensitive skin area.

Shaving Male Pubic Hair Removal

One of the most common pubic hair removal methods is shaving. An electric trimmer can be used to trim pubic hair successfully or shave it down to the skin. 

Various attachments that come with some trimmers can be used to shave more sensitive or harder to get at areas. For complete and closer hair removal in the pubic region, an electric shaver can be used, but a wet razor is the best hair removal option for this task.

Shave in the shower after moisturizing the skin with a quality shower gel. Use a good quality razor and shave with the direction of hair growth. Do not shave with a lot of pressure and avoid shaving over the same skin area repeatedly. The temptation is to shave with a lot a pressure and keep shaving until very smooth skin is obtained. However, the end result will be a bad burning shaving rash in the pubic area, razor bumps, and the likely development of ingrown hairs.

Often these skin problems do not show up immediately, but rather a day or two after shaving. With trial and error, the correct way to shave hair in the pubic area can be determined without the side effects of a razor burn, razor rash, razor bumps, or ingrown hairs. For those really sensitive areas such as the genitals, a dry safety razor, commonly used to prepare individuals for surgery can be used effectively. These razors shave very well when new and almost never cut or irritate the skin.


Waxing is another pubic hair removal method that is often used. This is best performed in a spa or salon by a skin care specialist for best results. The advantage of this waxing hair removal method over shaving is that it takes the hair more time to regrow. Waxing should not be used on sensitive skin areas in the pubic area such as on the genitals.

Hair Removal Creams

The use of hair removal creams or depilatory creams are an option for male pubic hair removal as well. However, many men and women are sensitive to the harsh chemicals used in these products and a painful skin rash often develops. When using these creams, test a small area first to ensure that your skin is not sensitive to the product.

Electrolysis or Laser Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal methods such as electrolysis or laser hair removal are not often used for male pubic hair removal. One of the main reasons for this is because men may want the option to regrow the pubic hair in the future or regrow it and keep it nicely trimmed as opposed to always having a smooth hairless look.

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