Mast Cells and Dermographism Skin Hives

by Shannon
(Laguna Niguel, CA, USA)

I would appreciate your opinion on this. Both of my specialists I see (dermatologist and rheumatologist) stated at different times of course that my dermographism does not have anything to do with my autoimmune disease (lupus). I was diagnosed with Lupus five years ago. I had symptoms for about 10 years. I have had dermographism problems for almost 10 years, at times real bad and especially within the last five years. I require Atarax, Zyrtec, etc., to control the symptoms of dermographism. I recall from my anatomy class learning about connective tissue and mast cells. I have asked both of them numerous times if there could be a connection. They keep telling me that one does not have anything to do another. Could you please make some sense out of this for me?

I wish I could, but a definitive cause is difficult to pinpoint. I had read material that there could be a relationship between mast cells and this condition. Several posters to this website have also referred to mast cells as well. Unfortunately, there is nothing definitive in the literature to say whether they play a factor or not. I think you will find a difference of opinion from many doctors and that simply stems from the fact that nobody really knows.

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Oct 25, 2011
by: Sandy

I have had a skin condition for over ten years. It seems that at least twice a week, I will start itching and it may start on my arms or my legs and then hives will develop. I have to take a Zyrtec to have any relief. Also when anything touches my skin, it breaks out in whelps and itches. It takes at least an hour for the hives to go away. This has been so miserable.

Over the last six months I have had symptoms of Lupus. I had blood work done and it was positive for the Lupus anticoagulant. I am not sure if all of this is tied in together or not. I have not seen a rheumotologist or a dermatologist as of yet.

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