Mild Case of Dermographism

by Elizabeth

I think this is what I have. I've been searching high and low for a similar description and this is as close as I've come. I get rashes on my skin in places that have had prolonged pressure such as resting elbows on edge of a table or being on my knees while playing with the kids. These periods of prolonged pressure cause red indentations or red areas which is normal evidence of pressure. But then these areas begin to itch like crazy. The indentations or evidence of pressure disappear only to be eventually replaced with small bumpy, slightly red patches that itch like crazy and last for days.

My question then, is it possible to have a mild case of dermatographic urticaria where a greater amount of pressure is needed to cause the inflammation? And if so, could it become more severe over time?

This began about 8 years ago and has started to show up in other places such as on my finger around my wedding ring (years after I'd been wearing it) and on the inside of my forearm where I hold my 7 month old. I do not believe this to be an allergy to anything. Although I also have non-contact rash patches that occur on my neck from ear to ear that I believe to be chronic urticaria which has cleared up after my reduction in milk and processed sugar intake. I've stopped having a bowl of cereal with milk and sugar as well as a glass of Ovaltine per day and instead only have a small amount of milk in my coffee with no sugar and in my oatmeal with honey instead of sugar. So I believe one of those two things to be linked to the neck rash. But since changing my diet I've still had an outbreak on my forearm of the possible dermatographic urticaria.

For sure there are cases that are more mild. For some, very light pressure will cause raised welts. For others the pressure needs to be greater. This can get progressively worse, progressively better, or stay the same for many years. Results vary for every individual.

In my case, my ring did not cause any problems, but my watch and contact points between my eye glasses and my face did.

Random non-contact red patches seem to be related to dermographism from my experience.

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