Natural Remedies and Cures for Dermatographism

by Anonymous

Do you know of any natural remedies to treat Dermographism?

Usually the best and most effective treatment for dermatographism is the use of antihistamines. More than one type is used and doses are generally higher than what is available over-the-counter. However, many individuals do not like being on antihistamines for a long period of time and therefore seek natural remedies or cures for dermatographism.

This website contains many stories from readers that have tried natural remedies or cures for dermatographism. For example, noni juice has been tried with apparently some success. There are also natural antihistamines that can be tried.

My advice is to consult with a physician first and follow the usual treatment of antihistamines that he/she will likely prescribe. If this is not working after a while, then alternative treatments might be a better option. Many suffers of dermatographism do find good relief with the right prescription antihistamines and in the correct dosage. However, every sufferer of this skin condition is different and so it hard to predict what your results will be.

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May 26, 2019
by: Anonymous

Dear Sharon, two of my children suffer from dermatographism. They both saw allergy and asthma specialist who diagnosed them. My oldest daughter was not diagnosed until 8, but my youngest son was only a few months old when he was diagnosed. They were both prescribed hydroxyzine(liquid). It is a antihistamine that they both took at night. My daughter is now 28 and she grew out of it in her teens. My son is now 8 and he still has to take hydroxyzine. Hopefully he grows out of it too. I would recommend seeing an allergy and asthma specialist and have them prescribe hydroxyzine for you too. Blessings and best of luck to you.

Dec 06, 2017
by: Aakash

I am suffering from dermatographism and I have had it from 10 years of age and now I am 15.
I have had it all. All the medicines, all the diagnosis, but recently I have gone to a diagnosis centre to get my blood checked and the result showed I had a particular allergen release rate of 834.8, whereas normally it should be 127.6(max0.

Sep 03, 2017
How Much Longer
by: Sharon

I am 17 years old and I have been itching since October of 2016. At first I was not sure what it was. I could not fall asleep at night for hours because I was itching until my hands got tired. I thought maybe it was mosquito bites, though really, in the back of my mind, I knew it could not be, especially because I have long ago trained myself to resist itching mosquito bites. It was too itchy even when I wanted so badly to stop. I knew there was something wrong because it would not always itch in the same place. It would spread and blow up randomly, but I waited patiently.

After two months I panicked, it was already winter! No mosquitoes and still I had this skin issue. It came to a point where I burst out crying to my mom. I felt like something was seriously wrong and being in the unknown was scary. I had to go to the doctor and get a referral for the dermatologist. I went and of course we all know it itches and blows up randomly. I had no idea what I had. I had no clue that it was triggered by irritation of the skin. I just scratched when it itched.

Anyway, the doctor looked at the dots I got from itching and came up with crazy skin conditions like scabies. I begged her to give me a referral. The dermatologist was an old guy and with all of his experience I trusted him. But she refused. She prescribed a strong cream for me for "abnormal eczema" and told me I have to try it before she would give me a referral. She also told me that the cream can damage my skin if I am being mistreated. She was practically telling me "YOUR A GUINEA PIG, WERE ARE DOING AN EXPERIMENT". I got angry. I told my parents not to bother picking it up from the drugstore. They did, but my mom kept it hidden until today. I WANTED TO SEE A DERMATOLOGIST.

My dad ended up walking in on the doctor and forced her to give him the referral, and he didn't leave until she did. Thank God. I went and he took out a long wooden stick, scraped my hand, and while I continued to rant he said "you have dermatographism". He told me he did not know much about it besides for the fact that it is histamines randomly released in your body and that it happens when skin is irritated and he told me to Google it. When I asked him if I would have it forever, he said "forever can mean whatever you want it to mean - a week, a month, a year". He predicted 9 or 10 months, but almost 11 months have passed!

What I want to know is: does anyone have a similar story? I prefer to hear from people of similar ages but really anyone. What I want is a natural cure or at least soother because I heard there is no cure. I am turning to natural because even the dermatologist said the only option would be Benadryl and he would not recommend it because it is not worth the drowsy side effects. So please, anyone who knows of anything that can help email me please post to this list.

Thanks a ton and good luck getting rid of your itches! ..... Sharon

Jan 23, 2011
Simple Fix
by: Ann

I (like many suffering from this disorder) have struggled for years with attempts to treat the symptoms. Antihistamines do not provide consistent help. The only thing I've found that works quickly, consistently and completely, is cold or wet-cold. A cold wet washcloth being the quickest and best way to get rid of it. Don't rub it over the rash or it will get worse (obviously) but get it as cold as you can stand it, then put it over the itching and apply gentle pressure until the itch sensation eases a bit. Release pressure and move it slightly, reapply pressure. Continue as needed until the itch sensation dies down. The cold/wet will provide instant relief, as well as instant die-down of the immune-response. It may still take a bit for the red/bumps to go away but if you stay calm, the response should stay gone. I have noticed if I'm panicking or allow myself to panic thinking it will never stop, it makes it harder for the response to die down, so I'm sure that the stress factor has a lot to do with this. I just try to breathe calmly, apply the cold pressure (reboot with cold water as needed if the cloth warms up) and trust that the response WILL die down if I allow it.

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