Possible Delayed Reaction to Food

by Tory
(Hayward, CA, USA)

I have had this condition for about ten months now. I have never had allergies in the past. All of my blood work results are normal. According to a test that was recently performed on my skin, I could potentially be allergic to almonds, bananas, cucumbers, pineapples, lemons, lobster, pepper, garlic, and hops. Since the allergy skin test, I have been keeping a food log for three weeks while trying to eliminate the foods that I just listed. So far, I have not noticed any changes, positive or negative.

I cannot bare the itchiness for more than three days. So, for treatment of the itchiness, I take 10 mg of Loratadine (otherwise known as Claritin). It is hard to tell how itchy I actually am and for how long because I have had to consistently take an antihistamine to suppress the symptoms.

The other causal possibility, which is not a professional diagnosis, is stress. I am a flight instructor. Although I am generally cool, calm and collected, my day-to-day job is inherently stressful. Training to be an instructor was also very stressful. My previous profession as an account manager for a transportation logistics company was also stressful. Thinking about what could be causing my dermatographism is stressful. On top of all that, my father's unexpected death in 2012 lead to a lot of stress in my life as well. I try to decompress from work by exercising and I generally eat healthy.

It's a mystery.

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Oct 23, 2015
Follow up Appointment
by: Tory

I visited my allergist a couple of weeks ago for a follow up appointment. He asked me a very good question, "Of the foods that were on the list to avoid, which ones did you find difficult to eliminate from your diet?" He was not surprised to learn that the two most difficult foods for me to avoid was garlic and pepper. Those foods are hidden in almost everything!

With that, he instructed me to try my best to avoid garlic. He wasn't very concerned about pepper because a pepper allergy is very rare. He also allowed me to reintroduce the other foods in the list, as long as I didn't notice a reaction shortly after eating those foods. Within the first week I noticed a huge improvement. I was now able to go about 5 days without needing to take my medication.

It has now been a month since my follow up appointment and my symptoms are improving. I will follow up again with any updates.

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