Raised Skin Welt in a Distinct Pattern

by Anonymous

Raised skin welt on the back in the form of a distinct pattern.

Raised skin welt on the back in the form of a distinct pattern.

My father woke up one morning with a raised skin welt pattern on his back. I have attached a picture to illustrate the effect on the skin that I am talking about. What would cause this raised skin welt pattern to form?

I am assuming that your father was lying on something that was causing pressure on his skin when he was sleeping. In the skin condition known as dermatographism, when pressure is applied to the skin, the skin raises from the surface or forms welts or hives in the shape or pattern of the applied pressure. For example, when a person has dermatographism and uses a dull object to write his or her name on their arm, then raised skin welts will form that show the name that was written on the arm. This is why the dermatographism skin welt problem is often called skin writing disease.

Now the raised welts are usually red but not always. In the picture you have provided, the raised skin pattern is white, although it may have been red when it first formed.

From the picture, it does look like your father may have dermatographism. To perform a quick diagnosis, take something like a tongue depression and stroke the skin in a specific pattern of your choice with moderate pressure. If within a minute or so the skin forms raised welts or hives in the form of the pattern, then you father likely has the dermatographism skin hives problem. For a more thorough diagnosis, a visit to a dermatologist is in order. Treatment usually involves the use of antihistamines, although there are a couple of natural remedies that are available for those who prefer to avoid antihistamines and their side-effects.

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