Raised Welts and Itchiness on Hips Back and Arms

by Tress

After not taking my Zyrtec for a day, I wake up with welts on the side of my hips, back and sometimes arms, and my lips swell up and get puffy. Does this sound like dermatographism or just an allergic reaction to something?

If any pressure is applied to the skin then welts will form in most dermatographism cases. If you sleep on your side then the hips are a pressure point. Also, any pressure on the back and arms will cause the hives as well. This sounds like dermographism. The puffy lips - I am not sure. This could be a sign of an allergic reaction to something or just a reaction to being off the antihistamine. Whenever any swelling is present in the facial region - eye, lips, tongue - I would check with a physician to be sure there is no potential for a serious allergic reaction developing.

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Feb 11, 2011
Itchiness and Welts on Face
by: tress

Thanks for the reply. I wanted to share another incident with you. Just last evening again I had not taken Zyrtec and while sitting on the couch the left side of my face across from the eyebrows to near the hairline started itching. So I scratched it and it got worse and it eventually formed a welt. Then after an hour or so I had a little welt above my eyelid and my whole head started itching. Therefore, I used calimine lotion and took Zyrtec and after an hour or so it calmed down but it took all night for the puffy feeling in my lip to feel better. As I sit in my computer chair my left shoulder is itching some as I am leaning into the back of the chair.

One month ago I got on an antibiotic prescribed due to sinus pain and puffiness under my left eye. I felt better then but afterwards I got a cold and I am constantly battling sinus problems and allergies. I also take Singular ocassionly. I would like anyones input on this as well.

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